California Drivers license

Discussion in 'General' started by Buzzwell420, Oct 12, 2007.

  1. so How hard is the written test? any one any one

    ok 1. Dont stop completly t stop sighns.
    2. You must be in fuckin hurry.

    wish me luck
  2. You don't have your driver's license yet?
  3. Na he is just 65 and needs to retake the exam. Requirement in cali i think.
  4. I have a licence

    But i just moved here, and need to take the written exam
  5. the written test is the easiest thing ever. if you have one ounce of common sense you can pass.

    but sounds underage to me. cause i dont know any adult that has a drivers license somewhere else that would be worried about a written test... and how come your profile has said SO. Cal for like at least since June,and you said you lived in cali in july or august... when some body created a So. Cal Stoners Unite thread...
  6. It's easy, I passed it the first time.

  7. HAHAHAHAHAHA please, Im not underge. how long have you been here?

    I opend the Account In socal, and Moved to oregon After getting In loads of legal trouble, wich I wish I was underage for then I wouldnt of been so fucked.
    When I lived in ORegon, I dont recall changing where I lived on my profile.

    Im am currently In southern Cali, and Did not know about the written test, since In oregon I was never required to take anything but a Driving test.

    And after reading the Manual This morning, It looks simple.

    So Im trying to be as repectful as possible.:smoking:

    And shit I need a damn birth certificate! I have SO MANY FORMS OF ID, besides that, wich is in orgegon.:smoking::smoking:
  8. its easy. i passed first time without studying at all

    most of it is common sense

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