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California dispensary buying limits on candy/edibles/etc?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by themeltdown, May 8, 2011.

  1. How much can an MMJ patient in California buy at one time?





    Pretty much anything else that's not weed?

  2. honestly from my experience you can get as many edibles as you want i was going camping and walked into the club with 200 and left with at least 30 edibles from cakes to brownies to ceral bars and sodas i dont think there is a limit
  3. Weed soda?? Woah
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    yeah man next time i make the trip out there ill get some and post up pics they are pretty good and semi strong youd be surprised what they have in there like hot sauce, bar-b-q sauce, weed pizza, weed Marianna sauce, ice cream, ranch dressing, salsa pretty much anything
  5. God I wish I lived in california
  6. My main dispensary has a 2 oz. limit on buds but no limit on edibles. I don't buy them though, I make my own out of vaporizer leftovers.
  7. thats a clean ass tattoo bro
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    There is no established legal limit for edibles.

    The feds have a history of weighing edibles and taking the total weight as cannabis.
    Yeah you heard that right. When you see 50lbs of cannabis taken from a dispensary, usually its 10lbs of cannabis and 40lbs of food with a little THC in it, but its all added up and considered "cannabis".
    So if you're wondering how its going to look in court, you'll be well over the "allowed limit".

    However, there is no stated limit on edible possession in our law. That means there is no straight rule or guideline.

    Because of that, the situation is every dispensary will have their own limit on what they'll allow you to purchase.
    Some may let you buy their entire stock, some may have a low limit.
    Call your dispensary ahead of time and ask them.

    edit: Also the CA attorney general recently threw out the SB420 limits on possession. So now, as long as you can argue to the judge that you possessed only what your medical need required, there is no limit, at all.

    Most dispensaries still abide by the 8oz limit however, just to stay safe.
  9. Here in Cali my doc wrote me a script for 90 plants and 6 lbs. Now that's a lot of brownies! Just buy bud and make edibles yourself, that way they are much better. When I buy edibles at Cali clubs even within the same brand i get a lot of variation.

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