California decriminalized marijuana today!!!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Surfr, Oct 2, 2010.

  1. Guv signs marijuana decriminalization bill

    (10-01) 16:49 PDT Sacramento -- Citing the need to reduce spending on prosecution and courts, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed a measure that makes marijuana possession an infraction, on par with traffic and littering tickets.

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    VOTE NO ON 19!!!!!!!!!!
  2. thats awesome...but why no on 19???
  3. Fear of competition.
  4. ^

    Truly bullshit that people are greedy enough to vote no just because there would be competition.

    btw this thread already exist.

  5. is it really as simple as uber greed...or are there actually socio/political reasons (other than greed) behind it????
  6. I can't believe this guy is using decrminalization to justify no on 19. Maybe I don't want black people to be harassed, even with a fine, at over 4 times the rate of white people, for example? There's a reason the NAACP is behind prop 19. This btw is just one of the MANY reasons why PROP 19 is AWESOME.
  7. Its a combination of fear of competition, antiquated Victorian morals, and an irrational fear for the children....

    Don't worry, I'm sure Californians will fuck up, take this as a victory, vote no on prop 19, there by fucking the rest of us anxious, hopeful pot heads in the other 49 states.:hello:
  8. I agree with stoned.

    I would add as an option - "And an overwhelming desire for moral crusaders or zealots to enforce their own will upon others"

  9. no, no, no i get why a 'square' mightn't want the prop to pass (and frankly don't give two shits about those tired old scare tactics)....but why would a stoner/pothead/wastoid/loady/farmer not want the prop to pass?
  10. I love how people who 10(ish) years ago were completely open to government regulation and manufacturing of cannabis as long as their plant was LEGALIZED, are now against it because they have been making money based on the current laws.

    Sorry guys, when something becomes legal it becomes fair game.

    Lots of people started growing in order to sustain their own stash, after a while they started liking getting money and now they are pissed that its going to become an industry.
  11. it has been "just a ticket" in NY for more years then i can count?

    hasnt helped us much?

    the cops wont fuck with you "just for weed"

    but otherwise.....

    still cant legally grow my own?

  12. this is a non issue to me. i will never buy industrially grown pot. i will continue to grow my own and get it from small batch farmers who lovingly care for their baby girls...
  13. What hes saying is the people who are making mega profits off of it because its illegal don't want it legal because they don't want to have to compete with the government. You see if it becomes legal they can no longer get people to buy their product thus placing them in the enjoyment line, capiche?

    Small batch farmers will no longer be able to charge you what they normally charge because of government competion.
  14. I'm not trying to be a stoke stomper, but I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that the law doesn't take effect until 1/1/11. That being said, if I lived in CA I'd print out a copy of the bill and the governators letter to the senate and leave that in my glovebox, just in case ;)
  15. Indeed. What happens in our town in NY when cops catch you with it, they take it away and tell you to get going. It's rumored that they smoke it later, but who knows.

  16. i happen to know.....

    (my sis knows/went to school with most of the cops in this town....)

    some of them do smoke it.....

    some of them just give it back to you.....

    some of it ....i get.....:eek:

    my sis knows all the cops....
    and is dating one of their bothers....

    so yeah ....some of the pot they take in this town......(a very small amount)
    i end up with....

    i have no problem with all

    they only take it from underage kids....adults they just leave you alone....and only even give you the "ticket" if you are being the asshole.....
  17. At the end of the day wouldn't legalization be better than well nothing?
  18. The cops in Long Island are awesome. They busted me and like 8 other people at 4 am in the tennis courts and they didn't even take our weed. They just told us that they were listening to us for 20 minutes before they stopped laughing and busted us.
  19. "Legalization" yes, reducing penalties no.

    If prop 19 were to pass, it would be in direct contradiction of federal law. This would cause the federal government and the other 49 states to rethink their marijuana laws.

    Reducing penalties does nothing.
  20. Hahaha "rethink" hahahahha... That's funny..

    You can bet your ass the feds are going to go on a fucking free for all.. All the people who think the feds are going to back off and let all this happen are in straight denial. Wake up people! When have the feds EVER done anything in our favor that is against there policies? NEVER. If anything, this is just going to piss them off and give them more steam.

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