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California Craft Cannabis act 2016

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by jainaG, Nov 5, 2015.

  1. California Reform

    ticle 5. Commercial Cultivation

    Article 5. Commercial Cultivation 11434. (a) The commission may
    develop ru1d issue a license for the commercial cultivation of cannabis.
    The commission may impose reasonable limits on the total number of
    licenses that may be issued pursuant to this ruiicle, except that
    priority shall be given to natural persons and any medical cannabis
    dispensary, collective or cooperative that has been operating in good
    faith pursuant to Article 2.5 (commencing with Section 11362.7) of
    Chapter 6 for more than one year prior to January 1, 2017. The
    commission may develop a tiered licensing structure for commercial
    cultivation according to these priorities. (b) For the purposes of this
    chapter, "commercial cultivation" means the cultivation of 100 or more
    plants. Commercial cultivation of cannabis shall be subject to extensive
    regulation by the commission. (c) For cultivation occurring outdoors,
    commercial cultivation is not permitted on land zoned
    for residential use, and shall be limited to facilities that are zoned
    for industrial uses for cultivation occurring indoors. A residential
    building may not be used for commercial cultivation. Commercial
    cultivation shall be subject to any additional environmental,
    agricultural, business, marketing, consumer protection, employment, and
    tax regulation, and to any statute passed in each house of the
    Legislature by a roll call vote entered in the journal, a majority of
    each house concurring. (d) Commercial cultivators may only sell cannabis
    to licensed cannabis retailers.

    The Craft Cannabis Act


    decades, California has been the center of the cannabis universe, but
    less so in recent years. It is time for California to once again lead
    the cannabis movement by legalizing cannabis for adults in 2016. This
    visionary voter initiative would regulate the responsible use and
    cultivation of cannabis by adults, establish official appellations, and
    create a genetic repository including a standardized nomenclature for
    the myriad strains of cannabis based on plant genetics. This initiative
    has been crafted in consultation with the Office of Legislative
    Counsel, which provides expert legal guidance to the California
    Legislature throughout the delicate process of writing legislation. We
    thank the amazing attorneys at the Office of Legislative Counsel for
    their collaboration!

    Co-authors, freedom lawyers, and California residents Omar
    Figueroa and Heather L. Burke invite you to consider The California
    Craft Cannabis Act, a proposed initiative to re-legalize and regulate
    adult-use cannabis in California in 2016. Purposed to re-establish
    California as a world leader in the cannabis movement, this initiative

    (1) Protect and incentivize "craft" or small farm cannabis cultivators and "cottage" cannabis producers;

    (2) Recognize and protect California's world-famous cannabis
    appellations and cultivars, while also establishing a voluntary organic
    and "best-practices" certification program pursuant to existing
    California law;

    (3) Establish The California Cannabis Genetic Repository to
    promote diversity of the cannabis plant, which includes developing
    a standardized nomenclature for the description of various strains of
    cannabis based on plant genetics;

    (4) Require promulgation of reasonable regulatory oversight by a
    newly created, elected, and highly transparent governmental agency
    subject to term limitations, the California Cannabis Commission, with
    the dual requirements to facilitate the safe access of medical cannabis
    for seriously ill Californians and also to ensure that Californians 21
    years of age or older have access to cannabis for responsible adult
    use from open, transparent, and highly reliable sources. This includes a
    generous personal cultivation allotment and, as noted above, various
    novel incentives for craft ("mom'n'pop") cultivators.

    Create no new crimes, but rather declare all cannabis-related crimes to
    be of no further force or effect for adults ages 21 and over.

    (6) Create an evidentiary privilege for applicants when
    licensing information is sought by the federal government to investigate
    or prosecute violations of federal marijuana prohibitions.

    this initiative is intended to ignite conversation about memes the
    above-named co-authors feel are critical to a transformative initiative
    in 2016, the foremost of which is to protect craft cannabis
    cultivators, this document is offered to invite dialogue about the
    themes we address, and is not positioned to take away support from other
    legalization initiatives. Vote for all of reasonable decriminalization
    and legalization initiatives, we say!

    Thank you sincerely for your time and consideration,

    Omar Figueroa and Heather L. Burke

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