california chrondo growin

Discussion in 'General' started by jake4283, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. aight so me n my bud wanna grow at the new house were at. (legally) but were concerned that there might be some like hidden law where the cops could screw us over or sumthin? u guys know anything? i know we can hav 12 plants a piece. 6 budding. but i heard there was like a greenhouse law or sumthin?
  2. Where you from in the 530? I'm from redding. Actually when you get your prop 215 in shasta county (where I'm assuming your from) they will tell you currently there is no law or limit to how much you can grow. In our county there was a lawsuit by someone who was arrested for having like 20 plants but his claim was that the entire harvest was for him and you can't just say someone can grow 12 plants when that's not always enough to satisfy someones personal medical needs. Other then that just stay safe with growing, don't brag about it and don't bring attention to yourself and you wont have any trouble.
  3. ur right man. thanx.

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