California Cannabis Initiative 2010: Have you signed yet?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by HydroGanic, Sep 18, 2009.

  1. Are you a county coordinator?

    I was looking through your website and would like to share my thoughts about your petition methods. It seems like if someone want's to sign this thing they have to jump through hoops to do it. Why not have registered voters simply download, print, sign, and mail in the petition rather than having to contact one of your county coordinators? It seems things would get done a lot faster that way. Also, have you read the other initiative to legalize in California, Richard Lee's, 09-0024? What do you think about his initiative? Is it better? Is it worse?

    Well I wish you guys and gals the best of luck out there. You got a lot of work to do.
  2. Nope, not a county coordinator.

    You can definitely print, sign and mail in your copy, just not sure on the exact address. Contact your county coordinator and they'll have it, if you can't find it on the website.

    Richard Lee's initiative would keep medical patients from being able to properly conduct horticulture. Only big money interests would be able to afford the licensing to bypass the plant restrictions.

    The only issue I have with the California Cannabis Initiative 2010 is the tax that would be paid by people buying from growers. A company wants 4lbs of cannabis for their product, that's a lot of tax.
    What it WILL do is open up agriculture and industries as well as raise the level of awareness about cannabis amongst the citizens of the state and in other states as well. Once this is in place for a couple of years, you'll see some significant progress in cannabis RE-legalization at the federal level.

    What everyone forgets is how much in taxes the WORKERS in the new INDUSTRIES will be paying. The new industries will also be paying taxes on a state and federal level.

    This is a WIN-WIN situation.
  3. $50 an ounce is ridiculous. How can that compete with the black market? A tax that high will only serve to sustain illegal drug activity and defeat the purpose of it's own intent. An amendment would be needed to change this tax rate.

    I think exceptions are made in Lee's initiative with respect to medical marijuana patients and growing:

    "Ensure that if a city decides it does want to tax and regulate the buying and selling of cannabis (to and from adults only), that a strictly controlled legal system is implemented to oversee and regulate cultivation, distribution, and sales, and that the city will have control over how much cannabis can be bought and sold, except as permitted under Health and Safety Sections 11362.5 and 11362.7 through 11362.9". these sections cover the Compassionate Use Act of 1996 and S.B. 420. So I would think under Lee's intiative medical marijuana patients are in the clear. Anyways, for personal consumption, Lee's initiative allows for 25 sqft of growing area. Should be enough for personnel consumption.

    I've read both. Both aim to meet our goals. It seems Lee's is a bit more descriptive and leaves alot of questioning out, whereas Joe, James, and Omar's seem too vague, allowing for possible legal battles?

    One more thing worth mentioning about Lee's initiative to consider, and this is a big one with respect to the State, Federal laws and the DEA:

    Section 11303 Seizure
    Notwithstanding sections 11470 and 11479 of the Health and Safety Code or any other provision of law, no STATE or LOCAL law enforcement agency or official shall attempt to, threaten to, or in fact seize or destroy any cannabis plant, cannabis seeds or cannabis that is lawfully cultivated, processed, transported, possessed, possessed for sale, sold or used in compliance with this ACT or any local government ordinance, law or regulation adopted pursuant to this Act.

    In other words, back the fuck off pigs!
  4. Needs to be a sticky with list of county coordinators for these various initiatives.
  5. Easy cheesy gimpy my boy! No sticky ickies required. Damn. Been around since 11/08 and this is your eleventh? Such a number that is. Almost taboo these days...
  6. Well initiatives are a different breed of reformation you see, for the quota to be met is a statement in itself, one that takes a little more brass to turn down. I'm not to active on the posting part just chillin in the shadows ya feel me?
  7. How can people from other states help? California seems like the base of the 'movement' and I hate not being able to do anything from the other side of the country. I wish I was there! (except it kinds sucks you have to be 21 and not 18)
  8. Well no one would ever get there house raided and be the recipient of an MIC and MIP. So its whatever.
  9. Get this passed!

    Umm.... you realize that you personally won't see that tax... right? You're still going to pay between 300-400 an ounce retail for a bit. That will eventually drop to around 150-200 an ounce, even for excellent quality. As soon as the price drops that low, you bet your ass we'll get the tax amount dropped. By then there will be tons of other taxes coming in from other industries that will be legal and it will be A MUCH EASIER ROAD TO TRAVEL at that point. Education of the public during that time will also ease tensions and make getting the tax lowered a much easier thing to do.

    One step at a time. Eventually we'll be telling our grandkids about the cannabis prohibition days, but that's not going to happen without baby steps. Prop 215 opened the door, this will open the floodgates. GET IT PASSED!

    Thank you ;D

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