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  1. a little poem about how us sun fiends live. =] by me.

    --California Breath

    The Californa breath takes up your time..
    just like the sons and daughters of summer,
    we're lazy
    we've got it easy.
    We don't know a thing
    about your Southern humidities,
    your Eastern fridgities.

    We're breathing for
    humanity, for glam,
    for business, for style.
    We're breathing,
    we're trying,
    for a little bit of sanity.

    California's got us breathing...
    on demand.
    Air grabs you by the collar,
    orders you..
    Where are you going?
    What's the hurry?

    And by then,
    you're breathing in a frenzy!
    Jump on the interstate,
    come on come ON,
    It's time to go!
    Don't you have a scheduel?

    California laughs..
    slaps you on the back,
    wherever you are.

    "Didn't I tell you to take it slow?"

    All you need is one sigh,
    the sun sinking down,
    under Hollywood hills.

    We're famous for our breathing...
    you know.
    Not like something you can control,
    California intake and exhale.

    California breathing,
    it takes up a lot of your time.
    With so much to do,
    it's the only thing
    California leaves
    waiting in your lungs...
    for you.

  2. Phlat,

    that's a real cool poem, I liked it very very much, don't ask me why, but it made feel at ease, it realy has rythm..... mmmh...nice :)

  3. thanks guys!

    zone, i thought i'd show everyone else who always pics on us kids raised in cali what it's REALLY like =P hope the message came accross! i've lived here most of my life, born and raised as you put it.

  4. thats a great poem. you got any more?
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  5. i've got millions more. i'll look for some to post =] do you guys have any to share?


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