California bill introduced to legalize

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  1. Let it be!
  2. Oh wow, im not American, but im sure other states will follow suit once they see the amount of money being brought in through tax. And at $50 an ounce? Hot damn.

    Am i still awake or.............
  3. PLEASEEEE Let this pass!!!!
  4. Man I hope this passes. Good luck California, I hope other states follow soon.
  5. The only thing that I can argue about it is that it is a 21 and over law, not 18. Why must 18-21 be such a hated class.
  6. If you live in California you should be writing your representatives and telling them to pass this.
  7. Wow, awesome start to my morning. And $50 a zip!!!!!

  8. One word: Alcohol. If it passes, just wait 2 1/2 years or whatever.
  9. This is awesome. I'm not in Cali, but that would make a huge statement if it were to pass, and I think once others saw that Cali doesn't fall apart into a criminal warzone, this will make a great model for other states to follow.
  10. When will we be able to know if this bill passes or fails?
  11. 50 an ounce?? :)
  12. This is great news. I'm going to cross my fingers for Cali.
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    If this legislation passes and becomes law, and if the federal government leaves California alone (Obama has stated in the past he believes states should be able to govern themselves in respect to state law), then it's only a matter of time until more states followed suit and marijuana becomes legalized and tolerated in multiple states.

    This legislation and its somewhat radical proposal may have come a little bit early in the game, with some Bush-appointees in office still clinging to the reigns of power being slowly taken away from them... but with the amount of support that marijuana has in the state of California, this may very well pass into law.

    I sincerely doubt Obama would ever waste his time and resources trying to enforce federal law over a new state law; and even if other branches of the federal govt wanted to give Cali a hard time over this legislation, I think they'd probably find themselves pretty hard-pressed to do so:

    “The president believes that federal resources should not be used to circumvent state laws, and as he continues to appoint senior leadership to fill out the ranks of the federal government, he expects them to review their policies with that in mind,"

    Mr. Obama repeatedly said he was opposed to using the federal government to raid medical marijuana shops, particularly because it was an infringement on states' decisions.

    I'm not going to be using Justice Department resources to try to circumvent state laws on this issue"


    1) If the legislation passes
    2) If no significant resistance is encountered from the federal government
    3) If positive effects (mainly economical) are highlighted and lots of $$$ is obviously being taken in to the local economy and other states see this

    then I could definitely see the possibility of marijuana being legalized on a state-to-state basis similar to how medicinal marijuana is currently, on the horizon.

    Keep your fingers crossed and voice your support for the legislation!

    Just to clear this up for those of you who were so high that they misread the article: I'm sure the article was referring to the fact that for every ounce of ganja sold in an official transaction (maybe this means stores would carry it similarly to alcohol), a $50 tax would be tacked on to the actual price of the weed...rather than saying weed would cost $50 an ounce. This is how they would tax it: by making it legal and available at retail level but requiring a tax to be paid depending on the amount purchased ($50 tax required per every ounce purchased according to the proposal). This doesn't mean weed will cost $50 an onion if the law passes.
  14. Sucks that you have to be 21, but then again I don't live there. $50 an ounce is fucking awesome. Besides, it'll be ten times easier to get tree if it's legal to at least someone, just not me, ha stays the same anyhow
  15. This may also be the first step towards ending the Mexican drug war
  16. a couple days and im 21(mar 7) , lucky me.
  17. Oh glorious day. Let it begin!!!

    I came.

    Spread the word and get support!
  18. Hey someone post email addresses to our representatives.. i guess i could do it but im in class. Honestly.. everyone in CA needs to do these emails!

    Change is coming!

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