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California > Arizona pot Q&A

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by FluentWeeds, Aug 16, 2017.

  1. So I am originally from California, flew down to AZ a week ago and will be staying here for another week. I have my rec down in Cali, but before leaving I looked it up and realized my rec would be useless here in Arizona.

    So I have been trying to find bud, found a guy off CL (craigslist) that seems pretty legit. He was asking $50 1/8, and I told him that is more than clubs charge around here ($10g, or $38 1/8). So he said "for you i'll give you $35 1/8".

    I told him alright, just need to figure out which part of town I am in and where to meet. But I am still skeptical because it is CL, and I am in a different state.

    So my question, how much trouble can I get in if I am caught with 1/8 of pot on me in Arizona without my "rec". Or would I be okay since I have my rec in Cali, and I could just say I am visiting?

    Anything helps, thanks!

    Edit: He also seems to be avoiding my question for pictures. I have asked two different times to see his white widow, and blue dream. Don't know if that is an indicator of some kind or not lmao.
  2. Edit: So he responded saying "We don't send pics on the first deal for security reasons". Does that make any sense?
  3. It seems you are asking to be set up or scammed... if he just all up and dropped the price to 35 just like that then I wouldn't trust it seems like they are just desperate to get in front of ya..

    Grow journal
  4. should of used meetme

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