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California = Amazingness

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by PineappleVape, May 27, 2010.

  1. Haven't made a post in a while what with school and such but I just had to say that California is amazing.


    If you are ever in the SF area PLEASE go to the Haight District (stoner central). I got a sweet legit Sharp Stone grinder for like $17 it was originally $40. Sweet looking glass pipes for fairly cheap. Tons of dispensaries on Haight Street and it's always nice when you walk down the street and there's a guy with his arms up screaming "who wants green?!".

    Just thought I'd share that with you guys. If you ever get the chance head out there. w00t.
  2. Sharpstone grinders cost around 15-20 dollars.
  3. you should have hit up hippy hill in the Golden Gate Park.

    Evil :smoke:
  4. Yep, Cali is the place to be.
  5. Pretty much. If you ever have the opportunity to go up farther north, like Humbolt or even farther (think like Shasta and Tehema counties), do it. Pretty much all of the shit up here is locally grown outdoors. It's like right up there near the moutains. Good soil, good air, amazing water quality. It's pretty fucking awesome. I've yet to make a bad score.

  6. I'm talking like 5 piece sets and the ones with the cranks on them are all half price. Yeah, the cheap ones are $15-$20 but the better ones can be in the 30's and 40's.
  7. i stopped in cali for a lil before heading to hawaii and i didnt like it. just to many ppl and so much goin down. i come from the country so that explains it lol

  8. Exactly :)
  9. SF is nice, but I find better shit elsewhere...

    I like the Haight, but whenever I've gone up there it just seems like they jack prices up because its the Haight...
  10. anyone know how the game is down in san diego?
  11. I've had both. I gave the 5 piece to a friend but it got stolen. The crank one is nice, not always as fast as the 5 piece but the cut is a lot better for smoking, and it collects keif more efficiently. The two screen system in the 5 piece is a little stupid. I personally prefer the crank. I did pay 35$ free shipping for the crank btw.

  12. I live in Los Angeles, San Diego has the newest, most potent strains.
  13. niiiiice
    i was worried that all id be getting is mexibrick..

  14. not at all, i moved to san diego august 2009 and have maybe had one pickup that was decent, the rest have been ridiculously dank tree.
  15. i don't think there's anywhere in CA with shit weed... I don't see how it would be possible hah
  16. i've heard close to the mexican border you can some shit weed
  17. sure but you can also get amazing weed, so why would you want shit weed?

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