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  1. I have been using a CL Solarstorm for over 7 years and had it upgraded to a 880 model a couple of years ago.

    I decided to replace it with a CL 550 to take advantage of the adjustable spectrums and lower wattage.

    Since I grow in a chamber, I needed to vent the heat so that required putting the 550 in an enclosure with air fittings. The Solarstorm I was able to attach duct fittings and I fabbed the exhaust collector.

    Here are pics of the old vs new.,

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    I'd send that to solar storm ..tell them why you built all this and how, for some discount..????
    or better send this link

    still no UV on your part...?

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  3. I bought the CL UV add on also.

    Just no reason to show it.

    CL is familiar with my applications.
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  4. The Samsung QB's do not require using a fan ….
  5. Seems Cali also make white color LED now? Most of people still want the quantum board design for now.
  6. There is allot of restrictions /issues when using the CL Works UV-B lights .
    They burn the plant .
    You need 3 feet distance between the light and the top of the plant or they burn the plant .
    You have to guess on how long you can have the light on bepending on the strain and the plant .
    The light being on continuously like 3 hour straight burns the plant .
    I have my CLW UV-B LIGHT Set at one or two minutes on every 15 minutes .
    Regardless the light is designed to burn your plants and the plants response to the UV-B waves is to make resin to be used as a UV wave sun block.
    Finding that happy medium takes experiments.
    Which is challenging because the UV-B light is only used in the last 10 days of budding .

    I dont really know how to give plants the precise IR and UV-A and UV-B waves the plants need without bringing in a hps lamp .
    Using led lights my weed comes out really good but I do have 50% of the buds that I wouldnt consider marketable

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