calibrate my scale? what weighs 500g

Discussion in 'Other Toking Tools' started by pschach, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. 500 grams of weed should do the trick.:)
  2. Great post^
  3. The best advice you have had is go buy a weight from a fishing shop. This way you know you are accurate.
  4. So I bought my scale for 8 bucks on some promotion and I don't really feel like buying something additional to calibrate it with since it defeats the purpose of my 8 dollars expenditure. 
    Just go to your local grocery store and buy your ordinary choice of cheese but ask the attendant to cut it in one block, you can even explain that you need this to calibrate your scale at home and tadaa… no waste of money and mmmmm cheese. 
  5. 500 $1 bills.
  6. ok i figured out what weighs exactlly 500g !!!!!!!! a 16.9 fl oz bottle of water it weighs 1.102 which is exactly 500 g and it works i just calibrated my scale i hope this useful to yall
  7. umm not sure but it just worked perfectly for me
  8. A can of beans or corn works. It will calibrate it close enough to make a dollar way 1 gram or a nickel way 5 grams
  9. Congratulations you answered a thread that has been dead for 4 years.
  10. I use a nickle and calibrate on grams.

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