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calibrate my scale? what weighs 500g

Discussion in 'Other Toking Tools' started by pschach, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. can't you get any weight that weighs a certain amount and calibrate it? Why does it have to be 500g? The readout just needs to match the weight
  2. i have no idea all i no is thats what it told me to do in the booklet aha
  3. Some scales can only be calibrated with the maximum capacity. His maximum capacity happens to be 500g. I was in the same situation a couple months ago with my old scale.
  4. Lol do the guys who it says pass. It says pass for any weight above 400 gs I believe just means its not.accurate lol
  5. Just had this problem....the G2 smaller gatorade bottles, take the fluid down to the first bend....dead on 500
  6. But doesn't throw off the weight? A lil bit?
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    Please realize that every nickel or penny doesn't weigh the same. I just tested it and nickels came in anywhere from 5.05-5.09 and pennies were closer to 2.52. Idk. I guess if you had a scale that weighed only to the tenth gram it wouldn't matter.

  8. Should weight them again. Penny from 1969+ is 2.2 grams before i1969 its 2.6...... Nickels same bit don't now the year thery changed
  9. A box of arm and hammer baking soda (full) is 500 grams
  10. ...or a calibration weight works well!

  11. Yes, but the coins can become dirty or worn down over time, therefore changing the weight. It may be a very small amount, but when calibrating, you need an exact weight to make the scale do its best.

    Just get a 500g calibration weight or use someone else's. They really ain't that expensive.
  12. I don't get h ow the scales that dont have a calibration setting stay accurate and if they do why do we need to calibrate these scales? I used a small bottle of pepsi and i put in water to be close cause the bottle said like 596 or something and i calibrated with less or more water until 1 nickle was 5 grams. I don't need it perfect just close and it worked well.
  13. placing heavy things on small scales messes them up... jostling also messes with scales, both of these I have personally done...

    the scale has the calibration for a reason, to ensure you scale is working properly

    I also learned the hard way that you must have the correct calibration weight or the scale will be way off.... always make sure you have the correct calibration weight

  14. 100 nickels
  15. You also have to consider that the last number on a scale isn't a weight, it is a mathematical guess.

    Get a 500g calibrating weight.

  16. True, forgot to mention that. On scales that measure to .1, it is for the most part +/- .1g, and on .01 scales its usually +/- .01 or .02

  17. wat if u but more then 500g will it still pass it?
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    I used a bottle of bbq sauce weighs perfect now im amazed ?!?!?! it said 496g in the weight at the bottom of the bottle label in the front kraft brand from wal-mart , i weighed a twenty dollar bill at 1.0g perfect and a nickel at 5.0g perfect!
  19. Somebody correct me if I'm wrong, but if it was 496 isntead of 500g the scale will have accepted that. Now your scale will probably be a bit off, but since its [email protected] so ruff 1/100 it will only change your weed in the dime bag area with 0.99 instead of 1.00 which will probably end up as being displayed as 1.00. I hope I didn't fuck up on the math, but when you weigh bigger weight on the scale the displayed error will become bigger and bigger. :smoking:
  20. fishing gear weight is the best idea. just use some math for it

    they sell actual metal things at head shops for calibrating scales. i got a few of them they're like a few bucks each or something.

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