calibrate my scale? what weighs 500g

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  1. I think its time to calibrate my scale but i dont have a weight. Can anyone think of something that is 500g exactly. I heard 100 nickels but im not sure.
  2. yeah a nickel weighs 5g and a penney weighs2.5g or you can jsut use a weight from some fishing gear
  3. You can buy actual weights that one would use on a balance. I'm not sure about price or where to get them, but it really is the best way to calibrate. The nickel method, while fairly accurate, is by no means perfect.
  4. I dont know why you would need 500 grams...
  5. 500g's weighs 500g's
  6. Check the store you bought the scale from, they should have weights and they should let you use them to calibrate your scale just make sure its VERY clean when you go driving with it.

    My buddy's scale needed to be calibrated just recently about a month ago and i did exactly what i said above and the guy was nice enough to let us use the weights for free. G/L hope this helps.
  7. get a plastic measuring cup (one that goes up to 500ml) and your scale. Put the plastic measuring cup on the scale, then turn it on, calibrate it til it says 500g, fill it up to 500ml. Sometimes it wont be 100% accurate (maybe every 10-14 g's is off .2, but it still works.

    All of this is because 1 g = 1 ml, therefore 500g=500ml.

  8. Plus the weight of the cup, which simply putting on before turning on the scale, will still register.

    Just find a 100g calibration weight.
  9. Not for mine, it works for me, one dollar = 1g, one nickel = 5g, and so forth.
  10. 500ml icecream box
    or go to the market and buy like 500g of cheese , kinda gross but its accurate
  11. 100 nickles?
  12. haha I literally used five 100g unopened yogurt cups stacked on top of each other, worked perfectly completely accurate
  13. you know that the plastic of the cups is weighed to? or did you eat all five wash em dry em and than substracted the weight of the cups?
  14. I just used a bunch of random shit until it said 'pass.' Cologne, razor blades, instruction manuals. :eek:

  15. THis is what I did hahahaha I remember that day so well...

    I also back it up every so often and put a nickel or dollar bill to verify its accuracy.
  16. I do the same shit haha wtf man. Do the nickel shit everytime.
  17. i used a weight from some old level sclaes for flower etc. a pound weight which is just under 500 g
  18. Since when do youneed 500g's to calibrate a scale?
  19. [quote name='Just619']Since when do youneed 500g's to calibrate a scale?[/QUOT

    some scales have a higher capacity than others

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