Cali West Coast Pics

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  1. I was wondering if some of you Cali blades had pics...examples include beach, sunset, sunrise, blazin with a great view

    Thanks. :smoke::wave:

    Wake N Baked 5/13/2010 REAL LIFE STORY
  2. im mid cali so i got the rivers and woods

    one of my smoke spots here
  3. I was going to post a picture of a fine ass chick as a joke. But I dont think anyone would have got it.

  4. wow where is this?
  5. I want to mountain board down that!
  6. [​IMG]
    it's sort of near the base of Mount Diablo, at a park with some nice hiking trails. I dunno if it was the hills that gave this illusion but on the particular day these pictures were taken I was looking at the clouds high and I could see the clouds melting away from me as if I was on shrooms or something, and my girlfriend who was sober said she saw it too. Trippy!
  7. Huntington beach. Looks hella croweded right here haha. Occasionally is.



  8. This is a little hiking trail at the Verdugo Mountains:


    And here is the view from that trail:

  9. Redondo Beach


    Point Vicente in Palos Verdes


    This is the view from a park in Torrance. The lights are crazy at night, you can see from the beach to downtown LA to the valley.

  10. mt. diablo is like 10 mins away from my house :D :wave:
  11. if im not mistaken.. the first pic..after that day the paintball convention or tourney was there.. i played there :p

    and the pier, i was on the other side last night

    and to the OP

    cali is beautiful and shit, but its beaches are shit...if ur looking to come down here..go to newport or crystal cove..dont go to bolsa or seal cause i live by there and i know its crap lol like after rain you can see shits floating in the water---super grodes

  12. Crystal Cove = Paradise:smoking:
  13. first time i ever shroomed i went to crystal cove....o man.. it was beautiful i felt like i was on an island of dank...but there were people taking their weddign pics there while my friends and i are climbing the fence along the ridge (to cross the place where no rocks u know what im talkin bout to get to the bigger more spread out smoother rocks)

    it was crazzzy and not a lot of ppl go there, and most people that do are either
    a) suppppper bomb
    b) blaze ;)
  14. damn ive only been once and i wish i got some pictures. i was too busy skating around
  15. sick fuckin pictures. i wish i could go to cali right now
  16. I'll get some pics soon enough.

    I don't have a camera at the moment. :(

    I love Cali Bay Area. :D

  17. sounds great haha
    Ill be sure to check that place it at the end by the cliff where all the surfers are?
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    drivin back from mtn high

    in the hills overlooking the inland empire

  19. Lol dont you love the traffic on the way back from an awsome snowboard trip:D

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