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Cali prices?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Ra1nMan, May 15, 2011.

  1. I just finished freshman year at the U of A and now I'm back at Cali. how are the prices? Arizona prices are steep but once I knew people I was getting hooked up. A dub got me 1.3, 8th for $45 and 3.5.

    How much do I get in Cali nowadays? thanks
  2. 8ths easily between 20-50 (dispensaries)
    ounces will run you between 140-200ish for top shelf chrons?

    Thats how it is up here near SJ at least for me.
  3. yeah no i hit up the dispensaries with my friends everytime i get here for break, im just wondering about street prices. and perfect because i live in san jo as well.

    is a gram 10$? because in arizona 20$ will only get you 1.3 of dank
  4. Cali has the same prices as Canada I think.
  5. Yeah, on the street, I'd expect at least dollar points... I'd be paying no more than 35 for an 8th. Dispensary wise, for cheap bud theres Herb's at 1646 W San Carlos that do $20 8ths and 10%off with your student card, and Patient to Patient just off Saratoga on 280 with $25 8ths of GDP haha

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