Cali Orange... My first grow

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by rjizzy, May 14, 2006.

  1. Very cute.
    Looks a little small for 12 days but, cute and healthy nonetheless.
  2. Small but looks good,.
  3. Looks coo...

    I heard that most Plants grow faster if they are surounded by other plants.

  4. In 4 days is my plant 2-2.5 inches tall now, but it might have a shortage of light.
    The plant looks healthy though. Good luck.

  5. is their drainage in that pot? what kind of soil?
  6. aww they look like mine did on their first few weeks :)
  7. i have cali orange sprouting too
    it sprouted on the 9th
    i'll show some picutres in a second, i'm just gonna take them real quick
  8. Hey man.
    What type of soil is that? It looks like crap. Plants look good though. The first leaves are starting to get yellow already though.
  9. Indeed, what the hell are they in?? please shock me and say its some sort of funky organic mix. It honestly looks like you went and scraped the ground in a forest and just threw whatever in there.
  10. its schultz potting soil
  11. im about to update pics tomorrow.
  12. Looks like time release ferts in there ( can stunt growth in seedlings and/or cause fert burn).
  13. Those big green lumps in there look like time-released fertilizer. If so you should get that plant out ASAP and re-plant into something without ferts.

  14. To an extent yes. It is true. In fact, that is the whole premise of Sea of Green (SOG). The thing to SOG method however is it should be done with a strain that is known to respond well to that method. Otherwise, plants will not flourish.

    Holy crap, the other boys and girls are much sharper than me. I was so mesmerized by your soil content (mostly bark and crap) that I did not even see those time release fertilizer balls. If you are growing outside they will be fine, if you grow under flouros you have a few weeks, if you grow under HID lights you have only a few days before you start to run into real trouble. In fact, that explains why your little round cotyledon leaves are starting to turn yellow indicating the over fert has started. This is why I tell everyone to stay away from Scott's, Shultz and Miricle Grow.
  15. i re-potted it today with a soil with no ferts :hello:

    +those green balls are part of the water release thingy

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