Cali Orange... My first grow

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by rjizzy, May 14, 2006.

  1. Looks good overall...I can't give much advice because I don't know anything about your fertilizers or soil or anything...but keep it up, looks like a healthy plant.
  2. That is fine, as it gets warmer it will grow faster.
  3. does your pot have drainage holes?
  4. ^ yea theres holes at the bottom
  5. Yeah see how come i see threads with "1 month old" plants that look huge and then i see these..
  6. These are only 12 days old, and are good and healthy - at this stage, most activity is happening where you can´t see it, making a root system.
    After the third set of leaves arrive, those with five fingers, green growth increases dramatically.
  7. they look ok to me but they dont look 12 days old. ive got bagseed that looks exactly the same at 6 days old
  8. Yes, fisher, you grow in Spain, like me. We are blessed with copious amounts of sun.
    Remember that other folks are not so fortunate. I, too, have 12 day old plants a lot further on than that one.

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