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cali nugs?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by tyrone biggums, Dec 20, 2008.

  1. sup, i was wondering if anyone in any other states has been getting a sudden flood of cali nugs in the last 6-8 months?
    i'm in tx and its been getting flooded around here for the last 6 months at least. when i say flooded, i mean FLOODED. all good quality genetics, quality growers, nicely cured imo. all certified strains in quantity enough to stay around the metro for a few weeks a piece with everyone havin em.
    only thing that was around a year ago was shitty bc, granddaddy corn, local grown dank and overpriced cali shit. now we're overloaded with strains like blueberry, masterkush, kingkush, purple urkle, grape ape, hindukush, snowcap, gdp, afgoo and the list goes on and on. i walk away from chronic all the time now cause i know so many spots to get certified danks at its just not worth wasting time on anything else
    anyway, just wondering if any of yall have experienced a sudden massive influx of dank nuggetry lately too or if we're the only ones who are getting blessed by the hand of california?
  2. OMG!!!!!! YO im going to Texas today for christmas!! I'll be there for about a week. I was born in San antonio and Im about to be there today! Where are you in Texas that the cali shit is coming thru?
  3. cali nugs is what they call it to make more money off you lmao.

    all the summer crops are cured perfect right now so your seeing
    the local fresh shit that's been renamed to make more $$$
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    my town is flooded with cali stuff. all labled and shit but i choose to get he boston and ny buds. there alot danker and the strains meet my satisfaction. i usually go for the cali medical bud when its all i can find. in the summer they busted a friend of mine with 10lbs of cali medical shit and he also had over 20 grand on him. he was set up but they also raided and searched his car illegaly so he got away with those charges but then they searched his house with a warrant and got him with alot more. he got trafficing over boarder charges and had more than 4 different agencies on him.
  5. damn, puff one for him:smoking:

  6. yea he was my dealer in high school. he use to pick up off of the guy i get my good shit from in NY. but he switched because cali nugs are really cheap to get. and he also had afew friends who grew medicly for the dispensaries. i got the link to the article if your interested. they couldnt charge him because of the illegal raid and they dropped trafficing charges because they found less than 50lbs on him. even tho hes still not considered a big dealer in my town. (he proboally snitched too) i heard the feds took his phone and went threw his phonebook and wrote all the names n numbers on the paper and he had to say who smoked and who dealed.
  7. Probally cuz people be mailin that shit around, cause i know of at least two people from cali that i can give their mom money cuz they live where i do and he will send it to her and given to me. last time i did that i got some bomb GDP
  8. Thats the truth buddy. Its just a marketing tactic. Its cheaper to grow the bud there and sell it there and have to transport it. This way you help you area out at least. :smoking:

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