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Cali mist?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by acaciacomplex, Dec 25, 2012.

  1. I'm going to buy some Cali mist to break in my new vape and bong I'm getting. I'm paying only 15$ a gram, I'm pretty happy with that. I love Cali mist. How do you guys feel about Cali mist?
  2. One of the first danks i've smoked. Was phenomenal.
  3. Never actually had any

    Though the first time I ever got ripped off at about age 16, I distinctly remember being promised 10 grams of Cali Mist for $100. I got a gang member that pulled a knife on me instead haha

    If it's some dank, it's some dank. Enjoy

    on a side note, what type of vape?
  4. Got it recently from a friend, good strain to smoke when you wanna relax & munch out. Smooth smoke as well.
  5. I'm buying an arizer solo. And yah. I sampled it today from my friend who Is selling it to me. It was great

    I've been meaning to get on of those, but my current living situation doesn't allow me to even vape indoors haha.

    The second summer starts and I'm back at home, that's the first thing I'm gonna buy haha

    have fun
  7. I got a free gram of Cali mist and it smells great even if it was free n mid shelf. I bet it woulda smelled even better properly grown

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