Cali members-if you have to be stuck in an airport

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  1. Which airport is better, LA or San Francisco? I'm trying to select a flight and no matter what I do I'll end up in some airport in Cali for 3-4 hours.
    Are any of your airports better than others?:confused: All the same?:confused:
  2. Unfortunately BOTH suck........but you're liable to see more, shall we say "interesting folk at SF airport:D:smoke:
  3. Oakland international.
  4. I enjoy people watching when stuck in transit, so that sounds good:) I was tempted to take the train just to avoid airport security, but that takes too long.
  5. this. I've been to many airports in cali and this one was legit. had a good experience there. but on the real, what difference does it make? it's not like you're going to have time to explore the neighborhood.
  6. SFO a'int bad yo
  7. Whichever one is closest to in n out. Gotta haven that good burger and animal style fry when u stop in Cali. Trust me it's a must have
  8. yeee yee yee this is what you do.

    In N out guide for the tourist:

    the menu only says burger, cheeseburger , double double and fries right. But they got secret menus and shit. So do like oneblown mentioned go to the window and ignore the menu it's retarded. Just ask for a double double animal style, and animal style fries. Do this after a few bowls and be in heaven.
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    check out the reviews The Budget Traveller Guide to Sleeping in Airports

    LAX is in the Top 5 worst airports on this website. Here are some thoughts from travellers:

    "Africa, Asia, South America... I've not been through a single airport in any of these developing countries with an airport as putrid as LAX. " (Kirby)

    "There are tonnes of food options at LAX, from deep fried lard, to sugar coated deep fried lard, to congealed microwaved fat dipped in oil... and of course some liquid sugar if you're thirsty. " (Kirby)

    "LAX is California's greatest embarrassment and probably the worst airport in the USA, and that says a lot because the competition for crappiest airport is pretty fierce. " (?)
  10. Now I've got to find an in and out burger nearby, though.:) I'd forgot about those, they are supposed to have the best gluten free burger ever ~drool~(checks google maps)
  11. Just checked both have one two or less miles away. That's how good they are. Be prepared for heaven. Animal fry and animal double double will not let you down trust me!!!
  12. BUMP!

    i need to see what OP thought of in n out. i'm craving a dbl dbl right now too! aw fuck!

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