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Cali Meds: 4.0 pickup of Raspberry Diesel (review + snaps)

Discussion in 'Stash Jar' started by H3adrush, May 21, 2009.

  1. #1 H3adrush, May 21, 2009
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    Hello Blades,

    Went to visit my favorite clinic at MCA for their weekly 4.0 eighth specials today. Currently smoking a jay of this strain while I write this :smoking:

    Raspberry Diesel [Hybrid] - $60 1/8th






    Yes the buds are a little air-y and some leafy but it's okay, as everyone of them are frosted :D. I'm usually a sucker for berry strains because they always pack a punch and are delicious!

    Raspberry Diesel was no different. This stuff reeked almost as bad as a batch of kush. Reminded me a lot more diesel than anything from the smell. Taste of this bud also reminds me alot of some Sour D., not much sweetness than there is sour.

    What I enjoyed with this strain is it's high. There is a little heaviness in it which makes me believe that it's more of an indica dominant strain. It gave me the giggles the whole time I was watching Adult Swim :D. A very giddy high that also helps you snooze after a meal watching television. Isn't that everyone's favorite stoner activity?

    Overall I give it a 8.5/10. It might of been because I was already lifted when I first tried the Raspberry Diesel, but I didn't taste much "berry" or any fruitiness which I came to expect from it. But all in all a good strain :bongin:
  2. Looks amazing ha, What do you have in order to get medical attention?
  3. I wish "I love bud" would be consider a symptom but it's not. On my doc it says for anxiety and insomnia which is true. I wouldn't want to live without MJ. :D :hippie:
  4. looks amazing.
  5. Christ on a stick. I'm moving to Cali! Haha, if only it were that easy. :bongin:Savor your medicine, dude.
  6. that is some funky bud nice pickup. i'd love to try some raspberry diesel :smoking:
  7. Sounds and looks great, do you know what it was crossed with?
  8. Sweet baby jesus! You are so getting rep for that crazy pick-up. I love the pictures!
    I just wish I'd smoke that! :smoking:

  9. good looking medicine. hope you feel better hahah
  10. Unfortunately I don't and neither did the budtender there. My guess would be Sour Diesel and a berry strain of some sort. I have never come across a Raspberry Kush before either..
  11. looks insane! I'm trying to move out to cali sometime soon haha.
  12. Looks like great bud lol :p Wish I had some
  13. crazy frosty buds! i luv cali
  14. MCA has great buds.

    Although they are one of the pricier clubs, some of their strains are worth it.

    Ive actually gotten some Big BudxHaze from here when they had the $45 an 8th special, one of the more abbrasive highs ive had in a while, really took me by surprise how good the bud was considering the price.
  15. Looks great man. Making my broke ass jealous over here in MN, being dry. +rep
  16. dank raspberry diesel. wow, nice nugshots right here. probably smells ridiculous.
  17. Yeah it's all about the quality and compassion. They do have 80 eigths for one of their strain which I don't think they even display :confused:

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