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Cali medical marijuana clubs

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Dude Pass It, Aug 22, 2008.

  1. ok first of all Im extremely jelous living across the country were none of this is seen, anyway, can anyone go in deep detail on how everything works? from getting your license, pruchasing ect..

    like does your doctor knows your bullshitting and just come up with some crap to get a precription?
    how much can you pick up in one visit? how long you have to wait until nect visit?
    to they sell merchandise and trucker hats there? is it anything like the one show on with turtle and drama on Entourage? lol
    are the people working there extreme assholes?
    if your have a medical card it goes down on your record/resumes? your job has too know?

    just a few questions, hopefully someone here can jut give some insight, I just want to know more (never been to cali)
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    some doctors will give u percriptions with out a reall cause if they want to risk there liscense
    and im pretty sure ur aloud to have up to as much as u want
    and i kno people who work at clubs and are veryyyy nicee
    and u do not have to tell ur employer
    that would be a breach of personal privacy

    im not hundred percent sure on all of this but pretty sure
  3. I don't know much, but unlike the above post says there is a limit on how much you can get at once. I think it's an ounce or two. I may totally be making this up.
  4. I got a club card a little less then a year ago

    I went to a relatively non-sketch doctor in oakland who said as long as I have a medical record from my doctor saying I have some sort of pain (headaches etc) or a visible scar that I say creates pain, I get a perscription

    After I got my marijuana perscription I went nextdoor to a place that takes your perscription and issues you a california medical marijuana card, which you simply show when enterinig a club

    You can have up to 8 ounces on you, but usually can only go to a club once a day (however clubs are always clustered togethe, so you can go to multiple clubs)

    The clubs are usually pretty ghetto (no truckers hats) and have a combination of weed, hash, keef, edibles, and clones. A few have a headshop inside the club as well.

    hope this helps

  5. everything i hoped for.
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  7. I've never seen trucker hats, but I've seen shirts and bumper stickers...

    Also, the limit you can buy from a club is usually one ounce a day.
  8. Just want to clear this up:

    Doctors can't legally prescribe medical marijuana. They can only RECOMMEND cannabis usage. I hate to be so anal about it, but I'd like for us to spread the right information out there. If they prescribe marijuana, then they're gonna get thrown in jail. So please let's get the terminology correct.

    Basically what you do is,

    see a doctor and explain your medical history (good to have medical records with you)
    make sure you have your California ID plus the doctor's consultation fee
    the doctor will issue you his or her doctor's RECOMMENDATION of medical mariuana.

    Your California ID and doctor's rec is all you need to be legal.

    The state or county ID cards are totally voluntary.

    As far as the clubs go, I don't think all clubs are ghetto. Some places are really nice like CMC in San Francisco. They have maybe the best lounge in the whole state. Though you have some other clubs where they seem like they don't even want you in there to begin with.

    No one will know if you're a medical marijuana patient unless you tell them. You've heard of doctor/patient confidentiality, right? Same thing applies here.

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