cali indoor multistrain soil grow

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  1. Yo grasscity been a minute since jeffdankity has been on the scene.
    Im coming at you with a cali prop 215 grow!. All the genetic were purchased through craigslis
    So far not disappointed.
    Im running 600 watt hps yield master
    And 8 bulb t5 unit
    The plants were moved from clone to soil 11/4
    Im now on the first day of flower at 12/21
    The girls are beefy
    Bb haze
    Platinum og these are some big plants huge stem for.massive nutrient uptake
    Sour hawaii
    White widow looking nice and bush like gotta love widow

    Im growing in 5 gal buckets.
    Using earth worm tea a blend of nutrients fungi and bacteria very beneficial to a hathy digestive system for your plant! Also great foliar booster!!! Look it up

    The soil is fox farms/dutch black gold, mixed with additional perlite
  2. The babes

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