Cali Here =]

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Poecilotheria, May 14, 2010.

  1. hello new toker here.... uber noob
    just saying hi i know lots of people are on this forum i dont expect a hello from many people
    because people come in and out :p
  2. cali guy too! i love GrassCity!
  3. cali in tha house! lol
    wat part u from?
    yea ive been looking at this site and i like it, even has an art section. if only it had a tarantula section, pet section?
  4. so cal i dont think theres a pet section but idk i could be wrong
  5. so cal here too =]
    i would post all my crazy tarantulas
    i got this one that is blue grey and yellow its called a p.metallica
  6. Stockton California right here. :D
  7. cool another stockton person :hello:
  8. stockton is by bakersfield right? im only 2 hours away if so
  9. Stockton is closer to Sacramento actually. so more like three hours, according to the internet anyway.

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