Cali Grow Kits?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by tylr6024, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. Hello, I am a beginner when it comes to growing. I have been looking around to find a "grow kit" to save the hassle of not knowing what to buy. I have came across some Cali Grow Kits that look like they might do the job. Does anyone have experience with Cali Grow kits or any other grow kits?
  2. I know cali sells you alot you dont need and what you do need is of lowest quality. You would be better off buying a small grow tent and a 400w hps light for about $300 from high tech garden supplies. Then you can figure out what else you need or want on your own. I added an air cooled reflector to solve heat problem then added a tank for co2 enrichment later. Cali will charge you top dollar for an inferior product. You will be better off piecing together a system yourself!

  3. Ahhh good to know. Do you know of any good guides that would tell you what all is needed?
  4. All i have is a grow tent, 400w hps with air cooled reflector, 2 clip on fans, and a tank for co2. You can grow nice buds without the co2 it just makes plant grow faster. Oh i also bought an inline fan for the reflector. Bought tent, light, and reflector from tent $190 light $120 reflector $90 inline fan $25 2 clip ons $10 apiece. Thats all you need for atotal of less than 450 dollars and it will be professional quality. I believe they had smaller tents than what i bought if u want to keep it as cheap as possible. If you buy a cali kit u will end up replacing everything anyway so buy quality the fitst time!
  5. Check out what i grew under "new grower first grow ever" to see what system im telling you to buy is capable of. Under absolute beginners

  6. Grats on your first grow :)
  7. Appreciate it. I think i like growing it more than smoking it!
  8. Biggest problem with cali is they dont give u a grow enclosure. You would spend the money for their kit and then still have to buy a tent or transform a closet which cost money.
  9. The thing with Caligrow kits is that you are paying for the light and getting everything else for free. So that alone was worth the price for me.

    Good luck bro

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