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  1. I started some Buddha Tahoe OG seeds a short while ago. Growing in Botanicare Ready Grow Coco, Advanced Nutrients Sensi Grow A & B along with some Calmag, B1 Red, Sweet and trying out Dyna Grow Protek. Most likely going to be switching over to Dyna Grow nutes or another brand when I`m out of the Advanced nutes. Advanced is good but its pretty watered down when you compare the mix ratios to other nute brands. They were started under a 2X2 4 bulb T5 HO grow light and sometime this week will be switching over to a 452 watt 2X4 8 bulb T5 grow light till their about 2 feet tall. After that going to swap over to the flower room with a 1k MH/HPS light. By next week they should be outgrowing the starter T5 grow light. Started out with a minor PH problem, forgot that coco is PH`d like hydro. Didnt write down when they sprouted.

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  2. Looking healthy man definitely subbed for this grow
  3. Thanks. Now if I can remember to do updates to a journal in a timely matter. Now I just need to do some research into some new nutes for when the AN runs out.
  4. Looks good bro! sub'd
  5. Plants look awesome, i just picked up some of these seeds as well and will be start a new grow in a month. Ill hope these turn out well for you!
  6. Thanks. Switching nutes today. The AN we have left seems like it has gotten weaker considering its a little over a year old or so. We didnt grow indoors last winter because of back to back PM issues. Even at full strength feedings they look like their getting early stages of nitrogen deficiency.
  7. Right on dude.. I just got some Larry OG seeds but im lookin to get some Buddha Tahoe next. Lookin forward to seeing these ladies thrive.

  8. Take a look at my girls in my journal water only mix son no nutes needed and neem cake in the soil takes care of mites and mildew never will you have an issue with that shit anymore. Organics is the only way bottled nutes are the devil hahaha. If i water anything in its a botanical or compost tea
  9. Yeah I was looking into that for when were out of the stuff we got now.

  10. You wont look back once you see the results of giving the hard work back to mother nature.
  11. how do I miss all these cool threads?
  12. Started this journal not to long ago. Kinda slow when it comes to updating journals. Never saw the need to post daily updates if not much has changed that and I need to remember to update when things change. Going to be setting up the 8 bulb T5 in the walk in closet and do a dry run to see what the temps run at in a few days here.

  13. U been by my indoor journal? Got a few nice plants going to holdme over till it gets warmer out.
  14. Expanding your veg area T?

  15. Nah just getting ready to switch over to a larger T5 light their about ready for it. We got a starting room built inside the garage and flowering room built inside the enclosed patio but if I can get them going for a while in the walk in closet then I can save some money on having to run a heater in the starting room during lights off and the exhaust fan. Our mom is bed ridden and has every kind of arthritis you can think off so we keep the house about 75 degrees in the winter and with the vent closed off in the walk in closet the plants with the smaller T5 light on are only about 73 degrees at canopy level.

  16. Sorry about your mom man at least your taking care of her does she use the medicine you produce?
  17. No she`s not into it but is cool with us growing but she did like this pot linament that I used to get at the Colfax dispensary but their shut down now. Its was the only place I found that carrys it.

  18. You mean an ointment like a salve? I got some of that here right now you rub it intothe skin itworks good foraches and pains my buddy in arcata made it up.
  19. It was a greenish or brownish liquid that had a mild pot smell with a stronger rubbing alcohol smell. It worked faster them the cream or salve and didnt smell as strong on the pot smell but doesnt last as long. Once it was put on the smell went away fairly quickly as comapred to the cream or salve.

  20. my personal 215 dr. told me to go buy blueberry xtrak soak ur finest nugs ina jar submerresed for at least one month and one tbl spoon is a great remedy like a tylenol but he said 3 or 4 tbl spoons he feels no pain all day.. i havnt tried it..

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