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Cali Buds In Florida!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by TragiK, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. These are some buds i get in Florida coming from Cali..

    Super Silver x Mr. Nice

    close up after breaking it open

    not sure of the strain but some dank

    close up after breaking it open

    my Kaos masterpiece (w/ defused female stem)
  2. damn where are u located in fla? i need that in my life
  3. icey buds are icey
  4. Daaank! Where you at in Florida?
  5. so icey ent.
  6. nice fucking bong dude
    thats sick
  7. I've recently found some as well, you can definately get some from fort myers(this is where i am currently) or fort lauderdale i would imagine.

    I would show you the half E of cali kush I bought recently but i dont have a high res camera =\

    To be frank, its beautifull. hardly green at all(mostly purple or reddish purple) with vibrant, fire red-orange hairs. the buds are big and heavy with resin. It's extremely sticky and crystally as well. I've only been smoking for about 3 months but i gotta say this is the strongest stuff ive ever smoked. Best pickup ive ever had by a long shot.

    Oh, almost forgot. the smell is infukincredible.
  8. good shit. its always nice to see florida people with dank buds.
  9. Always been able to find good green around my area in Central Florida :).

    Good finds bro, keep it up
  10. + REP for Beautiful Shots.
  11. Central :wave:

    thanks man, hits amazingly smooth especially w/ ice in the ice catcher. pulls great w/ such little effort...i <3 it :bongin:
  12. i'm so jealous i need that right about now lol
  13. Do people in Florida really import weed to sell it? I don't think so...

    Someone in Florida can grow the exact same strain if they have the proper equipment including seeds, and space to grow. Sure it may not be legal (for a patient that is), or have the title of "medical" but dank is dank either way.
  14. this is Tragik btw, changed my name. ya it def wouldnt be worth the risk/reward ratio if it was a smaller shipment, but i know the source and its far from small. seems to be worth it since it keeps coming...:) not trying to be a douche Smoke! <3
  15. sweet buds man
  16. man we need to become in the 321 and i cant find anything but zona or some basic ass kush every now n then
  17. i live in cali.. i love how everybody compares their stuff to what we got here hahahah
  18. He wasn't comparing them to cali, he is saying the buds were from cali.

    I live in florida too, but I have bud mailed to me from cali, because in comparison, the local buds are garbage and not worth it. I do not live near miami or southern florida, I live NW florida right near alabama, where you can pretty much only find overpriced garbage.
  19. go meet some growers who are decent. theres plenty of good genetics. you know that the more potent the plant often the less yeild, and growers arent usually inclined to go hand their product out to people on the street they sell it to friends. im just saying ive seen plenty of medical quality bud locally grown in FL. yeah in general weed in cali is better, but FL still has the buds to match if you dont settle for less. you just have to find them.

    in places like lakeland and clermont and polk county and geneva
  20. This dude is one of my good buddies. He has the best bud in town and can fish like a motherfucker! haha

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