Calgary April 20 / 2006 Meet & Greet!

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  1. April 20 / 2006 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM
    Meet Debbie (my wife) and i at a Calgary city park located at 8 street and 17 avenue South West.

    We will be there handing out Calgary Global Marijuana March flyer's.
    Making some noise with a megaphone as well. (i don't need a megaphone myself) :)
    Enjoy some time with other like minded people too.

    Keith Fagin
    (403) - 863-2071
  2. April 20 / 2006 Calgary 420 Marijuana Community Meet and Greet event.

    Grant Krieger was at the event as a celebrity guest speaker.
    Grant was given a $100.00 ticket for disturbing the peace.

    Additionally the Calgary Police Service (CPS) seized all of Grant Krieger's legal medical marijuana.

    Grant gets a disability pension of less then $800.00 Canadian funds per month.
    Grant needs your financial help NOW PLEASE!

    or contact myself for details on which banks donations will be accepted at.
    Keith Fagin (403) 863-2071

    Grant Krieger enjoying the Calgary 420 event...

    Grant Krieger ticketed by the Calgary Police Service at the Calgary 420 event

    The ticket given to Grant Krieger by the Calgary Police Service
  3. We originally thought the prosecutor would with draw the charge and not bother with a trial.
    The prosecutor decided to take it trial.

    We had 7 people on hand to testify in the trial. We have more peoples statements as well.

    The CPS sergeant testified first.
    Judge dismissed the charge out right, after the CPS sergeant had finished testifying.
    The CPS sergeant was the only one to testify.

    Now we have the CPS sergeant testimony to use against him in the civil action we are starting.

    What ever happen we have had civil action in the cards right from the start.
  4. congrats on making some progress.

    good to know the court saw the absurdity in the charge.

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