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Discussion in 'General' started by flashlight, Sep 20, 2007.

  1. Hey i was wandering around erowid when i stumbled accross a dreaming section and got intrigued. me and my boy are really into mind stuff and lucid dreams etc so i thought it was cool to check out....turns out i then stumble upon something called Calea, a dreaming herb that you can smoke or make tea or capsuls out of. i really want to make some pills with them but im unsure where i should get it from....i never bought anything like this online, not even salvia (bought from friends) so i donno of good places i can trust to have a good product to work with. growing isnt really an option just yet....

    anyone? also anyone tried it? i read a few old threads on here about it
  2. btw: i ran out of weed yesterday, and decided to get rid of all my smoking stuff cept my pipe and papers and my little bag...cleaned my pipe and everything, threw out all the other stuff. this is part of a lifestyle change im going through over the next 3 months when it should become natural by then, so weeds no longer a priority but calea sounds like a great way to meditate and explore your mind w/o abusing the substance...the lifestyle change includes, not smoking weed everyday (at all for a month atleast, then 2x week at MOST) no more cigs on the weekends, vitamins everyday, lots of water, continue to exercise and mtn bike, read more, create affirmations and goals and work on creating a positive mindset that becomes natural thought process over time and meditating...kind of a lot of things but all focused on becoming clear minded, and positive and more understanding of my mind and body
  3. anyone have any information on this?
  4. i know what it is...where can i get it? ive never bought any sort of herbs online and donno the hot places to get reliable stuff..
  5. haha holy shit dude im really sorry.. I thought your question was what to do with it, I started browsing around and just ended up thinking that for some reason?

    My apologies.. Ill keep an eye out for you
  6. lol no worries....i didnt mean to sound like a dick either haha
  7. thanks i gotta figure out if i get 10x or regular...i plan on making pills with them after making a sludge with it using alcahol....

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