Calcium deficient plant

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  1. I was told my plant was lacking in calcium. Does that mean I just need to add some cal/mag to my nute regimine? Here are some pics of the damage

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  2. Yup, or if frugal like me i just add about a tablespoon of epsom salts to how ever much the next watering is =)
  3. Thank ya for the idea!
  4. Doesnt look calmag deficient to me, fwiw.
  5. His issue is diminutive.
  6. We're you the one that said to crush up an egg shell? I's it just one blended up and sprinkled on top of the soil?
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    It's less expensive than nutes ... yes, sprinke about a tablespoon on top in the first inch or two of soil. You could also invest in a nute that has chelated Ca. CalMag, as poke suggested would work great ... epsom salt would give you Mg and sulfur, so no help there. Something to think about though: if the ph of your soil is lowered though excessive salt buildup, nutrient uptake will be diminished and it will be more difficult for the girls to get what they need. Are you measuring ph in your soil? Are you checking ph run-off?
  8. How can I test it? I was looking for meters but the ones I saw didn't look very reliable
  9. If you could at least get some ph strips somewhere, then work yourself up to meters. Without more information it's difficult to say whether your girls have too much fertilizer or not. If you get into the position to where you can check run-off ph by allowing about 10% run through, when you know she's dry. Your water should be distilled if your tap water is terribly skewed ... you could  buy a gallon, it's phed  @ 7. Run it through and check at closely as possible.
  10. I've been using distilled water throughout the grow, I'll try and get my hands on some ph strips and when I water her again I'll check the run off

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