Calcium deficiency?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Chef86, Feb 23, 2023.

  1. This has been a on going with this one plant. I do not believe it’s a fungus as it is not spreading to other plants in the tent. I have checked water and soil Ph so I do not believe it’s a lockout..


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  2. Yeah i see what your talking about . But call me stupid i have zero clue how to zoom in on your pics . Snap a few pics of the infected leaves closer up . Vey close up . Send many pics i also want to see those twisted leaves .
  3. [​IMG]
    I can send more if needed

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  4. night temps ? Some purple says is too cold.
    Yes rust spots . Calmag it . It will clear it all up. Ph is 6. to.7.5 if so just add calmag it will recover .
    Also you do have
    ((( powder mold starting !)))
    Run your fans 24/7 If it already is get another fan or turn it up.
    Finally your plants really do not like the nutrients your using . What are they ? There is too much of something im not sure of . If your using a actual nutrient and following directions odds are the calmag will make it look better . Your next grow i would switch up nutrients . No matter the plant is (((not )))degrading fast enough so you will be able to harvest . I would not stress it at all . And added info you can also use calmage in veg . Its about impossible to over due calmag .
    The nutrient may be locking out calcium and magnesium. Its very common with bloom booster . That powder booster will lower the water ph . Check the ph after adding nutrient .
  5. Night temps are around 67. Nutes are Fox farm.

    Grow big
    Big bloom
    Tigger bloom

    I think I see what you are talking about on the mildew on the one bottom leaf. I’ll cut that leaf off in the morning. Fan is on 24/7

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  6. Something is incorrect with that possible spread of mold. Vent it out once in a wile. Get some fresh air in. Once those buds get larger really need to use caution .
  7. Bad plant genetics. Get rid of it.
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  8. just my random uninformed .02 -

    calcium deficiencies are rare in soil based media with bottled nutes.....most times the initial problem is related to environmental, overwatering, or too many nutes.

    On the purple flowers part, I'd lean towards genetics as a first thought.

    Bryan mentioned a potential issue with PM, and I noticed that one leaf spot but I'd be hesitant to say you have PM, or a PM issue.

    good luck
  9. For sure not PM, I’m pretty sure that was just splash with some water with nutes in it that dried but didn’t burn from shade..

    There are 3 plants in the tent. Two of the same strain. 60 day lemon auto DNA genetics. They both have the brown spots. One worse than the other.

    The other plant gelato by Herbies seeds, no spots but no real signs of flower at day 45. I will finish thjs run out as it’s just first but I ordered some fast buds seeds from North Atlantic seed company


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  10. I had to chuckle . Why cant he just let it continue . It will harvest .
    TO just throw it away. Now if he had 20 or more plants yeah why chance it . Its all good .

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