Calcium Deficiency??

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by Austinf, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. Any suggestions I have 3 blue mammoth autos running advance nutes 3 part
  2. Definitely looks like calcium deficiency. I would suggest using Botanicare Cal-Mag. I started having this problem and I used at 1/4 tsp per gallon and it cleared right up.
  3. Austin, when was the last time you changed your nute solution? and whats your Ph all the time?
  4. Ph is always 6.0 and I just changed them today. Every Friday I gave the 33 ml of each micro, grow and bloom. 15 ml bud candy and 15 ml big bud. 34 days from seed today in 3.5 gallon bubble buckets. I had been giving them half dose of nutes, 2 ml per gallon so I think bumping up to 3 ml per gallon should help, the micro is 2.4% calcium so I'm hoping upping the strength helps. What do you recommend?
  5. is yours from the Ph Perfect line?

    how long have you been in flower?

    53.2ml is the full strength for your GMB so 33ml is low. Id recomend going higher but how high depends on where you are in your flowering stage. Cal/mag is helpful( I use it myself) but if you can use the base to correct your problem, thats best
  6. Ya it's ph perfect and I'm about two weeks in, and damn I didn't realize I was that low but since I have autos does that make any sort of difference with them flowering so early?
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    Here's a few
  8. id knock em up to 40ml GMB and see how they respond. Raising them in 12/12 will encourage them to flower earlier than youd expect
  9. There on 20/4 I feel that 12/12 is unnecessary considering there already flowering and I don't know man advance nutes is stronger than Gen hydro and I see you have so bad nute burn there man!
  10. autos tend to flower regardless of light but can take to long so sometimes people go 12/12 to encourage them to flower early so they dont take up the whole room :)

    No nute is "stronger" than any other.(said kindly)

    why did you say "I see you have some bad nute burn there man!"??? YOU are the OP so whos nute burn are you talking about?

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