Calcium deficiency? Spots and leaves curling

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Jacksquat, Aug 27, 2019.

  1. Happy frog soil with perlite in Octopots
    I pHd low, about 5.6 for a couple of weeks then adjusted to 6.3-6.5 where it is now, been there for 5 days at correct pH.
    Phlizon Cree cob 2000. Lux is 60,000.
    Temp 70-74, rH 50-55%
    RO water

    Nutes are cal-mag added 2 days ago, had in my normal feeding modest amounts of Micro and Grow from advanced nutrients since the end of week 1, it’s now the end of week 3. The ppm of all nutrients in the Octopot reservoir is 350 or so

    The spots did not appear when the pH was too low. There are new spots since adding cal-mag.


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  2. I wasn't trying to suggest that you were looking for free lunch .
    Sooner or later You will be the man ,, when its comes to growing your weed ..
    The sooner you are educated on growing the sooner you start getting killer weed and decent yields ..
    It is possible to get 31 different opinions on what going on with your plants .in this forum.
    You need to know exactly whats wrong with your plant and do what you need to do to get your plants healthy again with ( confidence )….
    I could of suggested what I think is wrong with your plant or plants but you wouldn't had confidence in what you would do to fix your most likely Mag def .
    I didn't know you were already looking at the chart I posted .
    But sense you already are looking at that chart ..what do you think or know what the problem is ?
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  3. Awesome reply headhunter. I like that kinda attitude. That's what I was told when I started and you do learn a lot quicker when you just figure it out for yourself. I'm a hydro grower so can't help anyway but very wise words man :)
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  4. Hydro grower too.
    Hydro growers have some of the same issues as compost or dirt growers .
    School of hard knocks ,,, learn or lose your crop .
    I thing the OP will be ok ,, he was already looking at those charts ..

    Getting bad advise in here is done everyday .
  5. Your not wrong there bud. Usually from hydro growers giving soil advice and vice versa. Hence why I refrained lol.
    If it was coco I'd fix it in a jiffy but soil eludes me. I'm getting the hang of the theory side though. Slowly but surely.
  6. Calcium is my only guess. There’s no bugs, no mold, pH is good now but was too low and wasn’t ideal for calcium uptake for soil. Also I’ve got RO water so no minerals at all there. The articles I looked at said calcium. If it’s mag as you suggest, I added cal-mag already. The plants seem pretty happy otherwise. The ones with the spots are the biggest fastest growing. I think my strategy is keep my nutrients modest-low, pH on point, and environment correct and try to stay out of the way.

    Thanks for taking time to look at my pics. I imagined someone here might see it and say “it’s definitely this problem” because they’ve seen it before. I know with “brown spots” it isn’t that easy. A few things can cause it.

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  7. How would you fix in coco?

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  8. It’s ok I always keep the bullshit, spitballing, trolling filter running when on forums. I know to be wary of free bad advice. I figure the more varied inputs i get from experienced growers the better direction I’ll have to find a solution. It’s my crop and I’ll be the one paying for free bad advice.

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  9. The same way you fix most things for veg in coco mate. 300-500ppm veg nutes with a little Calmag IF it's needed at ph5.7 topfed to run off every day. In this case it'd be 300ppm.
    Coco growings a doddle. :)
    Try doing that in soil though and it'll probably be dead within the week.
  10. For anyone following this thread, I think I figured it out. The reservoir in the octopots acidifies over time. I pHd my water to mid 6s. Come back 3 or 4 days later and the reservoirs are 5.3-5.6. I’m guessing the water is working into the pots leaving the acidic nutrients behind to acidify the water. I just refilled the pots with water, pH’d to 6.5 and added no nutes. It’s all growing like crazy otherwise. Pretty happy with the phlizon cob 2000s but wish there was a better light spread. If I get a good crop, I may get light bars that will accommodate a wider light spread.

    Thanks gents for your replies. I’ll keep updating

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  11. IMG_0006.JPG IMG_0006.JPG
    This is week 3 of veg from clones. My hand is in there to get a frame of reference for height.

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