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Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by game020040, May 15, 2009.

  1. Sorry if this sounds stupid but the nutrients always are a problem for me to figure out.
    Im gona be growing with General Hydroponic nutrient solution all the way through my hydroponic grow but would i be needing Cal-mag+. Im in the process of buyin all my nutrients for this grow so was wondering if someone could help me n let me know if im gona need it
  2. Cal-Mag is a custom plant supplement designed to help with calcium, magnesium and iron defeciences

    you shouldnt need it if your nutes are well balanced for weed growing

  3. you will need cal-mag+ if you're using reverse osmosis water or any other type of really pure water. even some tap waters need it. get a TDS meter and test the reading of your tap if its 400+ you'll prob be ok depending on the calcium/mag content(you can get the analysis from your cities water dept).

    but def yes if you're running R.O. water
  4. yh i forgot to add that, my PPM is at 450 just got my meter today just checked it so gona need a RO/DI water filter because the ppm would be out of sync with all the otha stuff thats present in the water before the nutrients are added so im guessing im gona be using Cal-Mag then.
  5. Also am i going to be needing to use it all the way through my grow or just during a single stage?
  6. I personally use it twice it veg, and twice in flower... 4 times total the entire grow.
  7. Odd I use it the entire grow. It is only what 0-2-0 I think. Using RO or Distilled water you should use cal-mag.
  8. well now i think im gona get more confused. The PPM of my tap water is 450ish PH of 7.7 and ive bought my GH nutrients and now that i got them here ive realised the my GH Micro is the hardwater 1 so...
    1) will that be any different if i was to use it with RO water?
    2) as i Haven't got my water filter yet do i really need one at the moment if i ave the GH Micro hardwater?
    3)What sort of feeding schedule should i use for mother plants from seeds i know i need to built up the nutrient level slowly.
    Thanks for all your advice so far
  9. GH Flora and Flora Nova series is RICH is cal-mag you wont be needing it if you keep your ppm's ph at proper levels.

    Calmag is for nutes that are lacking , like Pure Blend Pro ... Which is KILLER stuff , it just isnt designed for plants that need such high levels of cal and mag like marijuana does.
  10. Thanks for your advice.
    So what sort of feeding schedule would you advise with a PPM 450:confused: for mother plants from seeds. As in what suitable ratio would you recomment i start of from when i do start feeding them nutrients. The lucas fomula doesn't make it clear when it comes to using GH micro hardwater.
    Cheers :smoking::smoking:
  11. I would advise slowly takeing that ppm up daily as you see the plants growth continuation. Somewhere in the range of 1000ppm @ .7 for Floro and 13-1400 for HID.

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