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  1. Ok. before I start, i want to let everybody know that his is no advertisement, but what i want to do in the near future. This is something I have been thinking about for a long, long time and i think it is time to pose it to the City. I have always wanted to build my own home with my own hands, maybe have a farm and live off the land. I's sure im not alone on this one as the thought of doing anything with your hands, IMO, can bring the most gratifying feelings (im sure all the growers can relate). I live in VA right now, but as i have said in earlier threads, i plan on moving to CA (or somewhere in that direction) with my 2 year old son and my girlfriend next year. I have been looking at a website called calearth Cal-Earth - (The California Institute of Earth Art and Architecture)

    In short, this website provides floor plans and the materials to build a structure that is earthquake proof, fireproof, and, i haven't been able to find where i read it, but can supposedly withstand an F5 tornado.

    Im no architect, so i cant refute the claims, but they stand up to California building codes so im guessing it's got to hold some water.

    But anyway they say that a 400 square foot house (i know pretty small) is about $2,400. and an 800 square foot house cost 3,200 (it's essentially two of the 400 sq footers joined by a hall.) that's right people, dirt cheap if you'll excuse the pun. all you need is land...... - Land for sale by Twentynine Palms, California - San Bernardino County - 10 acres

    so here's the pitch: for less than 100,00 total, 10, 800 square foot homes can be built on the land in the second link each with their own acre of land you can use for what ever. If they are built very green, we could eventually pump electricity back into the system for profit! This may seem very pie in the sky, but i really want some input from interested people. I think this could work, but it would have to be a team effort. it could be so beautiful......:love:
  2. not trying to be mean, but it seems somewhat far fetched.

    not the idea of u going there and building a house, but the idea of getting a whole community from GC to go there and live together in a certain lifestyle.

    beautiful, but would be very hard to accomplish
  3. oh i agree, which is why I posed the question in the first place. I mean i still plan on building a home, i'll just have to scale it back. the premise of meeting some one, let alone living with people you met off the net seems pretty sketch, but the offer still stands to those open to the idea.

    you gotta figure, these aren't prefabed houses; there's going to have to be alot of sweat and man/woman power to get the houses up and after using your hands to build yours and your neighbors homes, i would like to think "we" would be a very tight knit community. sure there's going to be strife at times (hell, the people on The Island, had their issues and that was paradise.....well minus the gun toting smugglers of course) but i'm sure someone who has put the effort and what little capital is needed in, they would be reluctant to just give up and walk away. If it does come to that, everybody gains an extra 1/10 of an acre!
  4. that would be coo as hell, when do we start lol
  5. Interesting idea..
  6. I like this idea, Immm so fucking tired of living in a god damn city.. Im not even in a big city, But I hate random fucking people. I just want to grow my bud, smoke a bowl and chill!

  7. I thought so too, I mean it's not going to be easy and we would have to coordinate ALOT of stuff before hand, pool the funds, weed out the undedicated, and build. By my estimates, it would take less than a year to build the whole community.
  8. i like the idea but im too young as of now...maybe in a few years tho!
  9. im on it, if this plan ever comes to be i will be there to help.
  10. Lets make it happen! i suggest all interested parties PM me and we can start making arrangements. Im setting the prelimiary launch date of "Grass City" (Because Growtopia sounds too cliche) at May 2010.

    I am absolutely dead set on this, so don't waste my time if you are not serious. for ten groups/ten houses, i have given a rough estimate of about $10,000 for the home and an acre of land. I do not know if the municipal system goes out there (which will come into play later on as we can negate or dampen the expenses by becoming a self sufficient and hopefully closed system)

    of course the fewer participants, the higher the individual cost.
  11. Im waiting for a response from Cal Earth about an email i sent. I basically wanted to know if you could up the scale by factor of 2 or 3 (800 and 1200 respectively) becasue i wanted to know if doing so would affect the structual integrity if the dimensions stay the same.
  12. I would under the pretense that eventually we would meet one another. Of course as in any community there would be cliques, jerks, good folks, fools and other aspects that would make it a diverse community.

  13. An acre of land where I live runs from $8000 and acre and up. If you find a home that is inhabitable with land for $10,000 let me know. I don't know about where you are thinking to start this community but I think our "City" is already short funded ;)

  14. Sounds interesting, but not something I personally could afford/have the time for.

    Not sure how many folks can afford to give up all they have to go start some suspicious community of stoners/growers.

    Just asking to get busted.
  15. FG: rule one in real estate: Location. Location, Location. Where i live in VA, some plots of land go for 50,000/acre easy.

    look at the links in the first post. 56,000 + (10*3,200) = $88,000 on just raw cost of the land and the materials/blueprints for the houses. sure there will be alot of other cost associated for sustainability until we can become independent, but that goes with any fledging project in progress.
  16. Not if you have your card. This project will be above board on all points.
  17. *rise from your grave...*
  18. *cough* Jonestown *cough*
  19. no way in hell would I live with a bunch of members from here, there are way too many retards and lazyasses here

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