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Discussion in 'General' started by SiN-Drome, Sep 12, 2003.

  1. ok im nolonger the dork loser i was.....i know ive been gone a few days so let me tell you a story

    tue 9/9 i was here posting on grasscity "you guys rock" and i get an email from my girlfriend---------

    --------i got the job-----------

    so she got a new job in the same co. with her own office and a 4% pay step were vary happy ! i remember that our fave band was in town the same night we wernt going to be able to make it due to not having the money for tickits...but im like i think we have anuff so we got tickets and was on our way to the show it was the shit cheaptrick and cake out doors!!! we were haveing a good time , cheaptrick just got off stage . im like wait a min I SMELL WEED!! "keep inmind i just moved to town and had now connection nor have i smoked for 2 months" i turn around and this guy next to us is toking down with his like hey i dont want to sound to forword but im new to town and have no connection....hes like oh! want a hit? "hell yes i want a hit" so we smoke down all night . cake was the shit ,the best show ever and ive seen alot
    so we met agin out in the parking lot change #'s and emails "get this he even hooked me up with a lil nug" and we were on our way

    the next day i had a job interview it turned out great i have one more with them sat

    so all n all I got a connection, I got high , my girl got a better job, i might have a job, and i got laid.......and i got laid!!!

    p.s. sorry for the bqad spelling

  3. with karma that good you must have pleasured many old ladies!!!
  4. no......i had vary bad luck and bad times for a long it was just my time to have a good time

    i wish i could trade in a realy good time just to be ok most of the time
  5. more good ya call it

    last night i cleand the old pipe out got a big ol resin ball to catch a buzzz...."all i had till tonight" so me and my girlfriend go out on the front steps to smoke down and i see to peeps drinking in the back of a pickup im like oh well and set the fire after a few toke's they call me over im like coo..hes like i know thats no sig i seen ya light it to many some smoke?

    no....just a resin ball i had left

    shit just call me and ill hook ya up anytime ya need some 20$/40$/90$ like coo

    so long story short i got a new connection


    im happy.....hope the weed is goood
  6. -----------------i got a job------------------------
    yay i get to cook pizza!!!!!!!

    and passed the first of three tests for my ged once i get all 3 im on my way to art school this spring


    i went and met the kottonmouthkings and talked to dady-x most of the time....i showed him my sketch book and he likes my stuff alot...he told me to send him a few "he wants somthing for the new album thats dew out 4/20 i cant wait i hope i get it.....they would have to take me into artshool if i did the cover of a cd right?
  7. That would be the coolest :D if dady-x chooses your drawing for KMKs newest album :D happy to hear that things work out the way you want.. :)
  8. well im back , been gone for awile...missed you guys hope i didnt mis out on much been working and smoking you know how it is anyway in december ill have a new computer at home so ill post more often

    catch ya on the flip
  9. yippe skippy
  10. Well, sounds like everything is working out well for you.. I wish you luck on your endevers... Isn't it funny how contacts just pop up like that! I went through a whole year not knowing anyone and all of a sudden I met like 4 people who all become new contacts. Lots of Luck!
  11. Sounds like ya got the karma going my friend.[​IMG]

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