Caffiene/energy drinks make me normal

Discussion in 'General' started by Alrex, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. First off, I am aware we aren't supposed to talk about other drugs, so sorry if caffeine fits in that category. Please delete this thread if it breaks any rules.

    Lately I've been self medicating with a lot of coffee and energy drinks. They seem to put me in a relaxed "chill" mood. Usually I'm extremely hyper, have a hard time concentrating, talking to people, anxiety and lots and lots of awkwardness. These drinks seem to make me normal.

    My question is, does anyone else feel this way? Does caffeine/energy drinks somehow go hand in hand with add/ADHD?

    I'm fuckin kidding. Yes, I drink caffeine on the daily. It makes me somewhat normal as well, but I'm normal normally, so I guess it just makes me a little faster and more vivid. Do you catch my drift, you probably don't. I'm actually on a buncha UNMENTIONABLE caffeine right now, yea you can tell.
  3. Caffeine takes away my anxiety. Im more talkative on it
  4. it's all in your head.

    sounds like you need to approach your doctor about some ADHD medication.

  5. No. Don't do that. That shit cray.
  6. they make me nervous and panicky as hell.

    i get tremors from coffee. fuck stimulants.

  7. bell curves man, the stimulants bring you down from the stimulated mood and into more calm stuff.

    i love science :smoke:

    and coffee!:smoke:

  8. Ain't it jay?
  9. Self medicating?
    Coffee drinking is like a lifestyle(or implementation into yours)
    S'daily habitual thing. No Worries.
    Not fond of Energy drinks myself, not bad, but don't go for them.
    Health issues relate from daily use of those though(apparently).

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