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caffiene and weed

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by HashPipe, Oct 9, 2003.

  1. has anyone here ever took caffiene pills and then smoked or smoked then took pills? I have, its kinda weird. what do you think?
  2. does this work with any types of normal caffiene? like in chocolate bars and coffie?
  3. alot of coffee, i was talking more like....stacker 2's and such...
  4. how many caffeine pills are we talking here?
  5. Never tried it, never will...a good working buzz gets me going & will keep me awake....mellow, but awake...I'd much rather stick w/my usual combo of women & weed

  6. wine,women,weed, can't beat it.
  7. actually coming to think of it this may be a fun or strange high.

    get Sativa or wich ever type of weed that makes you lazy then take a few caffine pills they may fuck with each other...
  8. indica makes you lazy
  9. uh yes i've done that before. I took 10 pills of no-doz and smoked an ass of weed. yes i barfed my guts out all night.
  10. I took a couple caffeine pills and smoked, didn't do anything to me besides make me tired. I have ADHD though so it makes since.
  11. caffeine pills are a good way to work on kidney stones.

  12. haha man thats not funny, fuck my kidneys hurt. These goes as a lesson kids, dont drink lots of caffeine.
  13. never have.. but i just finished a 3 liter of orange faygo.. and bout to go smoke a bong after i take a piss thats well deserved.. be back in bout half an hour.. ill prolly get side-tracked
  14. Oh! Oh! Oh! Faygo Fucking Rulls! damn that shit is good damn faygo... i want some...
  15. I was saying mabe 2 stackers when getting stoned. Im really caffeine sensitive so it just makes me feel.....wierd..but neat. I prefer just weed though, but every now and then..maybe.
  16. Yeah dude variety is the fucking way to go man. 1 weekend get drunk, one weekend get high then one weedend get drunk and high.
  17. Once before whenever i was really stoned i was drinking at a bottle of some high caffiene drink , it was lovely, like red bull, a few hours later i was feeling really different because of the caffiene, it was wierd.

    and legal...
  18. You need to be careful of Caffiene and Weed. Both are known to accelerate heart rate. A cup of coffee and a bowl is a good mix, but too much more caffiene then that and my heart starts beating like 160 BPM. It may not happen in all people, as each person's body is different, but you should remember to be careful with it.

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