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  1. how do u actually get high from caffeine...
  2. Buy some No-Doz caffeine pills blow a few and WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO YEAHHHHHHH HAHAHAHAHAH good to take some before a fight you will be PUMPED!
  3. Yea our science teacher coordinator was drinking over at our place gave me 10 grams of pure caffine it's very intense in small small dosages
  4. well whats it like? i mean the high. is it like a trip? or just more of a stabalized body high?
  5. Its like SPEED, you get tweaked out man you run around and do shit 10x faster than normal lol
  6. Speedy tweak kinda talkative high you know like maybe to many Red Bulls or low grade amphetamine
  7. ok guys thanks for all the help, one more wuestion. any health issues i should know about?
  8. Want to get the jitters?

    No Xplode
  9. what do you mean?
  10. stop right now, caffeine is just a shitty drug. It's not a good stimulant it just makes you feel jittery with high doses, and then you get insomnia.
  11. k thanks. idk, i was just reading the Homemade highs thread and saw caffeine. was wonderin about it and its effects

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