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  1. Alright so here is something weird that I have noticed.

    Well ever since I was really young (had my first starbucks drink at about eight :p) I started drinking coffee even as a kid. I would also drink energy drinks too (bad idea, don't know why I ever did) Well I stopped drinking coffee and energy drinks for a long time and then just recently started again. So onto the weird part. I have never noticed, ever, any effects from the caffeine in coffee or anything I am drinking for that matter, but after I started smoking MJ and then now drinking coffee I feel the effects. Am I just being stupid or does anyone else know what I am trying to say?

    (Sorry in advance if this doesnt make sense I just smoked like everyone else on this forum :D)
  2. i like coffee
  3. It is very simple. You have always felt the effects, however, the subtlety of the effects easily went by unnoticed (very common with weak stims) and now that you're a toker you tend to analyze things more, in this case you're analyzing how you feel, paying more attention to even the slightest changes.
  4. Weed most definitely puts me more in tune with my perceptions. Caffeine undoubtedly had an effect on you before; raised your heart rate, your respiration, juiced you up some. You just didn't notice it. On pot, though, all of our senses are magnified. Cool, huh?

  5. Yeah guys sorry for the stupid post haha, it's weird even without smoking I can feel it more because I am analyzing what things/drugs in everyday things do now I guess. I like coffee even more than I used to :D

    Peace out GC
  6. Yeah i have that with alcohol. I used to never feel any effects of 1 or 2 beers, but now i've been smoking for some time i can sort of feel the alcohol in my brain. Just a tiny little buzz from it i guess.
  7. yeah. i feel everything a lot more when i'm high. but you already have your answer

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