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  1. i love it

    but in jr high i learned my lesson
    i got addicted drinking to many soda's a day
    if i went with out a soda for a day
    i would get physical withdraw symptoms
    including; frequent stomach aces and headaches
    but i tell you
    if i got a soda latter on my symptoms would clear up in about 10 min

    but now i am older and wiser
    i don't drink soda anymore
    just water
    but i still like my caffeine
    so about 2 - 4 times a month i will pop 200 mg pill
    and get me going in the morning and i will generally start cleaning everything
    i limited my use b/c i do not want to become addicted again

    it blows monkey balls
    you it responsibly and it won't affect me negatively
    at least in the short term
    i don't know the long term effects of using caffeine a couple times a month

    so that's my 2 cents
    on this subject
  2. Used to drink iced coffee, double, triple shots all day when i was 16-19 with NO problems. But for like 3 years now ANY sort of stimulant i just cant take. The side effects are just too much, and i'm talkin caffine, methylphenidate, etc etc. That's why the doctors can't find a single med that works for me, I have ADD but it makes me too anxious, sweats, shits.. you get the point. And well.... I'm addicted to benzos so they don't like to give me those to use as a come down:hello:
  3. Coffee ftw
  4. /thread. fuck sodas
  5. coffee is win.

    I usually drink at least 2 cups of coffee a day and have for years. I've gone for days without caffeine and never once have I experienced withdrawal symptoms.

    I win.
  6. I'm not a fan of soda either. Coffee man here.

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