Caffeine pills vs coffee/energy drinks

Discussion in 'General' started by lamywaby, Mar 25, 2023.

  1. Hey, im curious if taking a 200mg caffeine pill is inherently bad or ineffective as compared to coffee or

    energy drinks in terms of getting that boost needed to go about your day? They seem much cheaper than

    coffee or energy drinks and coffee makes me have to go to the bathroom a lot anyways. I know with the pills
    you don’t get the vitamins and other properties that those drinks have but assuming I get that via diet I would
    guess there’s nothing wrong. In terms of pre-workout it lacks the beta-alanine creatine etc. but comparing it

    to a cup of coffee or a monster energy drink would it be just as “ok”?
  2. thanks for any htoughts.
  3. Yes. Although as mentioned the vitamins and other ingredients like ginseng and taurine etc that have a cumulative effect aren't there. I'm looking into mushroom "coffee" myself or maybe just some extracts of lions mane reishi cordyceps etc.

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  4. I don't know about good or bad but I take 300 mg by pill before my workout every morning. I fast 12 hours overnight and don't eat before I go to the gym. The caffeine tablets work well and they're cheap.
  5. why not just have a blood test done at your doctor to see if your metabolism needs the boast , you might be doing more harm than good.
    i user it eat them things like m&m and stayed hopped up ,cant say they did good or bad, but i dont get the headaches since i quit or the extreme heart rate.
    check with your doc on your next physical
    thyroid and metabolism
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  6. The problem with anything unnatural (pills) you have to keep it going. Ur going to build a tolerance to it and need to consume more and more and eventually, it doesn’t work anyone
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  7. Instead of caffeine, train your mental strengths , learn to rely on yourself.
    2hrs before your workout, drink h20,
    and eat groats with a banana .
    Caffeine before a workout is cheating and stresses your heart.

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