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Caffeine junkies unite!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SkunkWoodz, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. This thread goes out to all the stoners who prefer to gsd! (get shit done) under the influence of caffeine of course, whether it be from coffee, energy drinks, tea etc. Post up what you do enjoy to stay awake and productive:eek:

    Coffee in the morning for me, unless it's iced then I can do it in the afternoon. This is my beverage of choice though


    or viso blood orange
  2. A bowl, four cups of coffee, and a cigarette is the perfect way to begin a day
  3. kicked coffee recently. used to LOVE it
  4. seasoned tokers board isnt a place to talk about caffeine. its another "drug" this is a pot forum. If anything it belongs in general. even if it does involve smoking and caffeine going together this just isnt the place for it.
  5. Its been three years since I last "shot up"

    You guys can get help before its too late too.
  6. I can't get myself to drink coffee. I still think it tastes like dirt. I do love tea though.
  7. Mods can move it or delete it if they feel it's appropriate. I was thinking caffeine and THC combo. I refer to it as the hippy speedball. For me, unless it's toking at night, caffeine is almost a must have depending on strain
  8. coffee and Red Bull addict here.. i drink so much red bull its insane lol
  9. A bowl earlyyyyyy then 2 cups of coffee then a nice dip.
  10. I love coffee because I think it tastes great. Either black or cream+(lots of)sugar, I love it.

    If I need to stay up I'm not drinking coffee though :p
  11. #11 bungtothehol, Aug 3, 2011
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    This subtract the cream.
  12. my dad just sent me a french press, coffee grinder, and some really nice dark roasted fair trade beans. god i missed having a french press.
  13. Coffee is the elixir of life :D
  14. Dude can't you go to like caffeinecity or something?!
  15. Having a cup of coffee right now.

    My favorite drink, not just because of the energy it provides, but flavor would be Rockstar. I don't drink all that many though because they are terribly bad.
  16. That's me. Monster absolute zero is the shit
  17. I refuse to drink any other energy drink than Rockstar, it has the best taste in m opinion.

    However, coffee is really good when brewed right.
  18. I drink 2-5 coffees/energy drinks a day for like 4 days a week(work) I also use nicotine(an electronic cigarette) to relax throughout the day.
  19. Just bought an old percolator coffee maker today at GoodWill. Cost me two bucks!
  20. I'm a slave to caffeine. I get sick if I don't drink it every day. :(
    No better way to start the day than a joint, a butt and a big thermos of black bold coffee.

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