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  1. experiences? is it worth the $
  2. Well...

    WTF are you talking about for starters??
  3. lsd then,,,,,taking some x

    i like just heard about it....thats why i was asking
  4. The acid version of a MX Missile (which would be mushrooms and X)
  5. well i plan on hippyflipping some day.....i dono something about the duration of the acid lasting longer than the EX doesnt really appeal to me

    but ecstasy and mushroooms.....damn i bet that is awesome, i would prolly only eat like 1.2 and then pop like 2 pills and have the best/strangest 4-5 hours of my life hah
  6. candy flippin isn't that great. i did it this weekend (plus some ketamine). its great while you're feeling the e, but acid lasts so much longer, and once the e wears off you're left feeling kind of robbed. I was still tripping hardcore, but I kept wanting that good feeling, sort of fiending for it, which took away from the acid trip as it mellowed out

    [edit]: acid + ketamine is a much more fun combination
  7. I have half a gram of pure mdma powder and 8 tabs of lsd currently. :hello::hello:

    What is the optimal timing on a candy flip? I heard you dose the lsd and then 3 hours later, but also read that rolling while going into a trip is good too. Thoughts?
  8. [edit]: I'd suggest taking the lsd, waiting like 10-15minutes and smoke a bowl or 2 to lead into the trip. then take the mdma a few hours into it

    [edit#2]: also, don't do all of the mdma at once, so you can keep feelin good longer so you don't feel robbed like i did
  9. Ha i always smoke a bowl 10-15 minutes after i dose.

    Only started tripping and doing mdma like 2 weeks ago too. Had to stop because class started but i am stocked up and waiting for a nice day.

    I've tripped on lsd 3 times so far and had 100mg of mdma once. :smoke:

    edit - no way would i take all the mdma at once, i have 5 doses worth. I scale out doses man, the way to go
  10. I guess candy flipping isnt that great.... I wanna try Acid and shrooms. is it extreme-er
  11. Lol guys if you mix LSD and other shit... isn't that kind of missing the whole acid trip experience... I've never done shrooms, acid, or x and I will never do x but idk I'd just want to have a pure mushroom or acid trip and not mixing things.

    Be careful what you mix too my buddy took shrooms and started to drink alcohol and threw up the rest of the night so be careful blades. :wave:
  12. The bottom line is this:

    Candy-Flipping and Hippy-Flipping are fuckin amazing!

  13. That would be weird... I don't think i would trust myself on that combination. I've thrown my jaw out of its socket being an idiot on just ketamine (didn't realise until the next day {I was doing the slapping myself, "Hey, i don't feel anything" thing}) with acid in the mix.... heh, fun fun. Ah hell, i'd probably do it for the fuck of it.
  14. hippy flippin always works...but weve had some white ladys around here...and my boy popped 2 and was rollin for like 12 hours...and i heard other people saying that they had the same thing, so if you wanna candy flip, then get some white ladys...

    also dont roll alone, its fucking sad and boring, and you dont get shit out of it really...
  15. Candyflipping is great, just not for everyone. The basic idea is to take the acid first and early enough so that you arent coming down from E while you're tripping because that would suck. If you are new to e and have bomb pills it doesnt really matter the order, because the comedown wont be so bad. Thats how it was for me.

    My first candyflip was taking 2 rolls and then taking 2 hits of acid about an hour later. I didnt even notice the e was gone I was tripping so hard.

    Its good to wait 3-4 hours after you drop the acid before you take your e.

    be safe.
  16. the thing is, on acid, ketamine doesn't affect you the same, because the acid has such a strong stimulant effect. you get the trip without being glued to the floor. i guess if you took enough it might overpower it, but i didn't have any issues with it, it just made my trip more intense and confusing

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