Cadbury Cream Eggs? yeah or nah?!

Discussion in 'General' started by sensimil, Jul 21, 2002.


You like the sweet creamy cadbury goodness?

  1. aaaaw, yes I do!

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  2. ew, noooo way!

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  1. I was checking out that munchies post and cadbury cream eggs came to my head...first off, why caant they make them all year round?!?! whats up with that!? ugh that makes me mad. they are soo damn good.
    but I always notice people either hate them or love em! whats up with that?! and im talking like the real sweet and soft yellow and white creamy goodness inside that lil oh so softly sweetly chocolate egg.
  3. ok here's the deal...cadbury eggs are quite unique....but donmt like the original ones with the fucking ugly ass yolk inside..thats such a turn off, only comparable to getting in bed with a beautiful woman then suddenly realising she has an adams apple.

    As for the caramel ones...I pee my pants when I see those...they are deliciousely delightful.
  4. i'm kinda in the middle. i like 'em and all, but too much is too much... plus they take like 30 years off my teeth, and that's not good! lol
  5. i'd have to agree with nubbin on the caramel ones...but the fudge ones are yummy too...damn...wish easter was here all over again now!

  6. seeeee man!!! you know what im talking 'bout!
    They need to start making these sweet candy concoctions all year round!
  7. Yeah cream eggs are the dogs bollocks.....i wish Easter was all year round.....hey anybody love Cadbury's caramel??....Peace out....Sid
  8. Those kick so much fucking ass I can't even begin to tell you. :)
  9. where i live you CAN buy them all year long, just go to a drug store and theyll have them right near the front
  10. holy shit. im movin. where to dr herman???
  11. The egg yolk centers gross me out more than Nubbins avatar!
  12. aaaaw you gotta be kiddin me!!!!!
  13. I will eat the fudge and caramel ones but the regular ones are so gross. I have a small aversion to eggs as it is and then to see it in chocolate is too much for me to handle. I like the commercials though, and I do believe that I saw some in the store the other day. bad does sensimil want a Cadbury Cream Egg????????
  14. oh man if you eat those things you will get fucking diabetes or something man.. like 200% sugar- yummy :)
  15. i hate those fuckin eggs
  16. I think I must have had some traumatic experience with cadbury eggs as a child. To this day, I get sick everytime I see one. The middle creamy egg yolk looking center is just too much for me to handle.
  17. to answer sensimil, i live in los angeles. you cant escape those eggs here, they are everywhere
  18. i forgot something, you guys know what easter candy is REALLY easy to get incredibly sick of? at the moment the name escapes me, but i think theyre called peeps or teets or something. those foamy sugar animals that are all stuck those things get gross

  19. lucky bastard. here, they're a delicacy that occurs but once a year, so you have to stock up every easter!

  20. Do i need to send ya some dalin'?

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