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  1. Well, I made a post in the Absolute Beginners forum about it but i think since no one responded it was a bad place to post it. But does anyone know of any good CAD programs? That are free. If not, what programs do you guys use to make 3d designs of grow rooms?
  2. i got a good one from a free cd i got with a computer mag.
    in fact it had 3 good 1s on it. a 2d for doing blueprints a 3d for doing models and walk throughs and one that lets you turn the 3d one into a movie.

    just go into a newsagents and find what you want on a magazine. if you must have it for free then just steal the free cd.
  3. Mind tellin me the three programs? good chance i could possibly find em on the web.
  4. well theres "Punch Pro!" thats a home building software that runs off of cad.... u can make anything u want with the programs included in the software.... i downloaded it off kazaa but it took a month or u could go buy it for 70 bucks or you could pm me and i could figure out a way to send it to you.. :D

  5. design it 3d
    turbo cad
    cant remember...
  6. Rhino

    look in the downloads secton and download the V3.0 trial version... it will only save 15 times, but even after the 15 saves it is still the fully functioning version.... (im currently working on a crack to give infinate saves... cause ive got V2 and want V3....]:D
  7. I checked out Rhino a long time ago, but i could never make much sense of it.
  8. heh, i love rhino, once you get to know how to use it, its an extremly simple program...
  9. I got a copy from a neibhor. But they dont give away much for a $7k program.
  10. copy of rhino? the versions im seein are under $1000... its 3ds max thats like 3 - 5,000$... then your programs for designing and implimenting tools for machining(ex. smartcam) run $15,000 +

    its bullshit what they charge for some computer programs...

  11. thats what cdr's were invented for

  12. hehe, yep :p only problem is some of the more expenisve programs only let a certain serial number be entered either once or a limited number of times.... (macromedia MX for example) so the pirated software is all but useless until you find or think up a valid serial number, that hasnt already been used...
  13. Its a $10K fine if your cought with a copy.
  14. tho...if ur growin in the basement...i dont think that pirated software is the least of ur legal problems

  15. hehe, yep... although, depending on the state you live in, it might not be.... i think ohio its like $100 fine or something.... not sure on that one.... but federal fines are way the hell up there... for like 1 plant its .25 million$ and like 20years in jail... just for growing a plant... pretty sad when the government makes nature illegal :p

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