Cabinet Sealant!?!

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Caulk or Silicon Sealant?

  1. Caulk

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  2. Silicon

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  1. Which is better for sealing smell and for air tightness? i think that the caulk is cheaper than sealant, but if silicon works better its worth the price;)
  2. i was told Silicon is better, and the poll shows that silicon is as well, so, try that out =)
  3. well, i went with the liquid nails. its like $1.29 per tube instead of $5.99
  4. If you want the best of both worlds get siliconized caulk, little more than regular caulk but won't break under heat.

    Best thing I found was siliconized weather stripping material, kind you find in a roll. Easy to apply, easy to take off and lasts a long time.
  5. sealant wise they are too close to the same. Silicon is a little better, but not much.

    As for durability, silicon is much better. Bends, stretched, etc. more.
  6. Are you thinking of using this to try and keep the smell of the weed in so the police don't catch on by the smell?

  7. i already used liquid nails. i finished my box almost a week ago. the liquid nails not only seal the box air/light tight, it holds the wood in place in addition to the screws. plus you can buy 3 tubes of liquid nails for the price of 1 tube of silicon sealant.:)
  8. yup, i'm cheap:D

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