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    Hello everyone i am currently working on a project of a indoor growth, i never grew before and im new to this, i got a perfect idea how to grow and read a 600 page book on it "Growing Elite marijuana" , Anyway's i read about outdoor grow not inside so i got a couple of questions but before i do ask them my grow space is a little "Wardrobe or Cabinet" that is 1 meter tall, 0.5 wide and 0.5 deep. I currently have :
    Soil - 12$
    PH Meter - $11
    Pots - $15
    Fish Emulsion - $8
    dynamic lifter (PELLETES) - $14
    Rose Focus - $10
    Blood and bone - $12
    MaxiCrop Seaweed concentrate plant food - $6
    Car Reflector (silver reflector thingo) - $10
    If there is anything other please comment :)
    I currently have no idea what type / strength of lights i will need,
    I do not know how to install them and have no idea if i need any
    type of Ventilation in there or anything else.
    My left over money is ; $100. How much would 1 plant make
    in these conditions? (its usually pretty warm in the room anyway)
    Thank you, I'm new to the forum I appreciate this a lot.

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