Cabinet Grow Clones need serious help! (pictures)

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  1. I have started a cabinet grow with 2 45 watt cfls and a single 40 watt cfl as u can see in the picture platform was raised to get most light onto my plants and i was given 8 clones from a friend 6 little guys look seriously unhealthy please indicate which ones are completly useless.......

    but 3 of which look like there growing new leaves 2 bigger clones look reaaaallllly drooppy i decided to cut a larger one in half and put half of it in water and the other half in the closet what can i do to help these clones i really want to keep them alive and you think those lights are too close to the the plants?

    PLEASE HELP PEOPLEE ???? :confused_2::confused_2:





  2. Take them out of those peat cup ASAP. They have a high ph and are burning your plants.
  3. Mist them with water and get the humidity up.
  4. Looks like you could be overwatering too... what kind of dirt are you in? Cannabis like well-aerated growing mediums, and they roots like to dry out a bit between waterings. Too much water will cause a droop that sort of curls down (like your pics), and it also causes deficiencies like the ones you are exhibiting in the pics. The roots are literally starved of oxygen.

    If you can do a few things, it would help diagnose the problem....

    1. Next time you water test the run-off ph. (the water that comes out of the pot)

    2. List what kind of dirt you are in.

    3. List what you have done for the clones thus far.

    If your problem is over-watering, coupled with the high ph SGT mentioned, then you do not have much time at all.
  5. In your first pic I would scrap those 3 they are useless.

    Can I ask when u got the clones did they root or are u trying to root them because a clone that has only just been cut will not take up water from the pot untill it has roots so you will have to have it in some kind of humidity dome (check my sig for more info on this) also u will need to mist or spray the leaves with water for them to take it up untill it has roots.

    Also in the other pics your plants look major stretched which is not good. How far away do u keep the lights ?
  6. ^^ what this guy says^^
  7. i decided to put the them in water the big ones have completly recovered the smaller ones are growing small roots and i also threw them in water the ones that are completly mucked were put into water that was boiled with willow water than apperantly is a rooting agent hopping for the best the mucked was actully have signs of roots !

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